Are mods being overly strict now?

What was the point of making a thread about it and arguing for 18 pages about how you feel it's adult and necessary that you use the word?

I clearly put in the OP that I made the thread to see what other players thought. I also put in there that I think its being overly strict. I don't think I ever said that its necessary that I use that word, I was just responding to people who strongly disagree with my opinion on the subject. I've never said that I wouldn't attempt to follow the forums rules.


Just accept they don't want crap like that in their forum, and change your posting lingo.

I've planned on it. However at the time I made this thread I was still clueless as to what the problem was in the first place. From my point of view the guidelines that the mod pointed me to did absolutely nothing to show me what was wrong with my post that had been edited. Now I kind of understand what they are doing but I still think its very subjective and going to be enforced very inconsistently.

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Bex_GGG wrote:

Here is my feedback:

1. I think it is absolutely awesome that you move threads to the section of the forum that is most suited for them. This is not censoring per se, it is about a thread being posted in the wrong section and being moved to the correct one. Your argument about why everything cannot be in general discussion is solid too.

2. I think it is insulting that you (Whatever part of GGG implemented the "no name and shame" policy) think that a reasonable person cannot distinguish a troll from actual scamming proof. Sure, anyone can post "Mazul scammed me", but only an actual idiot would assume that it is true without actually looking at the proof.

Do I care if 1000 idiots think I did something I didn't do based on no proof and only "word of mouth"? No, and neither should any other innocent person. In real life, I might care if it affects my family, friends or my work, but only then. This is just a game, for god's sake.

A major problem with current system, is that that there is a self-selection happening in trade feedback, due to only "neutral" and "good" feedback being allowed. This is a consequence of every negative trade feedback falling under "name and shame". I got probated for this, lol.

If a shop owner opens a shop, he should expect to handle both positive, neutral and negative feedback, not just positive and neutral one.

The "no name and shame" policy is actually fighting against what in real life, many countries would see as an important customer right: the right to give negative feedback about a product or a service.

3. About insults, sarcasm, etc: either edit out all form of insults or none. There are so many "smartass" ways to insult someone in ways that are equivalent to calling someone "mentally retarded" or "stupid".

You could for instance, use very patronizing language and arguments, which is equivalent of calling someone "mentally retarded".

You could call someone "polyfocal" instead of saying that they act as if they have "ADHD".

You could call someone "dense", which is equivalent to calling someone "mentally retarded".

You could use sarcasm as an equivalent of any direct insult as well.

Due to the many ways a "smartass" can circumvent the current insult moderating, it is better to simply just moderate and probate when there are actual threats being made against a person, such as: "You better hope I do not find you in real life".

4. I think it is good that you do not allow spamming. This is not censoring per se either, since the text did get out, however repeating the exact same text in the same thread over and over again, is excessive.

5. You may consider doing an experiment of having three categories of feedback: positive, negative and "mixed". I haven't seen a such experiment being done in any forum XD.
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iamstryker wrote:
I mean, do you not understand "retarded" being a little off-color?

I don't think it should be looked at any worse than if I had said "That would be stupid".

Isn't this forum for adults?


Real, mature adults don't throw around words like these in public places.
You will understand someday.

Last time I checked words like stupid and dumb are part of the English language and used commonly in everyday conversation.

Mature adults use those words so what was your point again?[/quote]

My point is that saying "retarded" is not what being an adult is about.
GGG doesn't want that word used on their forums.
It makes you look ignorant, and you should stop.

Is my point clear now ?

Sorry =)
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iamstryker wrote:
Bukariin wrote:
I mean, do you not understand "retarded" being a little off-color?

Or are you defending the use of the word as being completely non-offensive?

I don't think it should be looked at any worse than if I had said "That would be stupid".

Isn't this forum for adults?

Adults shouldn't be calling things retarded imo.

imo and telling ppl what they can and can't say about a very wide variety of subjects are vastly different. Honestly I have never seen a forum where I have seen people have less ability to speak than this one. Threads are moved and comments removed or censored for very nonsensical things on here.
I'd rather have trolls and be able to speak my mind in my own words than have people be fake just to fit in whatever other people decide is "proper". I don't feel like this is a friendly forum at all honestly. I feel like the trolls just go the other direction and pretend to be overly sensitive about which mode you play (among other subjects), and they pretend to be offended about the way others speak because they know they can take advantage of mods here.
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Should be auto-probation for "first" posts imo.

I think the mods are "sandwich".
Many lewt.
Much desync.
Such rewarding.
According to forum mods "sandwich" is considered an offensive word. Who knew?
I think the mods are "sandwich".

I get it. I lol'd.
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[not having read all of the 19 pages, just my two cents]

First of all, I fully approve of threads being moved to better locations but I would really appreciate a more consistent approach and, when you are at it, that you finish the job. For example, the recent move of one of the most active non-english community general PoE discussion thread from "General" to "Guild Recruitment" while others, way less frequently used ones, are still in "General".
I did notice that there is now a "Community" section but why not make a "Round the World" subforum and move all of those threads there instead of putting a general PoE discussion thread in a forum where it not really fits (guild recruitment plays a very minor, occasional part in the 900+ pages of the "German Corner") while others are still all over the whole Forum (apart from General, there are ones in Off-Topic, in Gameplay Help and Gameplay General Discussion)?

On the problem of people just dumping everything into General: I would
- get rid of the drop-down menue for the Forum and send everyone to the index instead, just to make them aware how many sections there actually are.
- make the [search] box more visible. It should be the one with a bright button, not the [new thread] one.

TL;DR: Mods - good job but I think there's room for improvement regarding consistency and Forum structure/features. :-)
I have been noticing that a lot of messages are getting dongered recently.
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