[1.3.0] How to Farm Piety and Dominus. Guide for a Melee IIR/IIQ Runner (303/126 IIR/IIQ).

Hello and Welcome to my "How to Farm Piety and Dominus. Guide for a Melee IIR/IIQ Runner" + Some general Farming tips and tricks. I've always refused to make a IIQ/IIR character ... until now! I guess i've just wanted to see how useful it is. With this build you'll be able to aquire between 6-12 chaos orbs per hour. Just like all of previous guides this one once again is not a theorycraft thread ! Everything in this guide is tested!

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Primary attack
Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Blood Magic + Concentrated Effect + Life Leech*

*If you have Life leech from your gear than get Life gain on Hit

Culling Skill
Heavy Strike + Blood Magic + Item Rarity + Item Quantity*

*Item Quantity is a Legacy gem now so if you don't have one you can put a life leech/life gain on hit gem or a Culling strike gem if you don't have Reaper's Pursuit.

Reduced Mana* + Hatred + Purity of Elements + Purity of Lightning

Trigger Gems
Cast When Damage Taken(max level) + Molten Shell(max level) + Temporal chains/Enfeeble(max level) + Decoy Totem(max level)

Cast When Damage Taken(level 1) + Temporal Chains/Enfeeble(level 5) + Enduring Cry(level 5)

*The quality of the reduced mana support gem doesn't affect mana reservation costs

Why leap slam? Well because:
1. You can move around quickly with it
-that's very important for a IIR/IIQ runner
2. It has knockback effect
-that's very very helpful and will spare you the extra hits that you'll otherwise take
3. It's an AoE skill
- because of that you'll be able to kill large packs of monsters without the need of melee splash gem ( which just has no place in the gem setup )

Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Blood Magic + Concentrated Effect + Life Leech*

*If you have Life leech from your gear than get Life gain on Hit

Faster Attacks will make you move faster as a bonus to the fat that you'll attack faster!
Melee Physical Damage will increase your damage!
Blood Magic will allow you to cast non-stop.. and you'll be doing alot of leaping and slaming so you'll need it.
Concentrated Effect - More Damage
Life Leech - Better sustain

Use another single target skill ( like Double strike, heavy strike, infernal blow etc. ) for the finishing hit and have it linked to Increased Item Rarity and Quantity support gems.

Hatred - You'll be doing only physical damage and that will result in alot of bonus cold damage from this aura.
Purity of Elements - as a farming character you're gear won't provide you with enough resistances so you'll need this aura to keep you safe.
Purity of Lightning - the lightning spells of Piety and Dominus are the most dangerous thing in her arsenal so you need to have capped lightning resistance. With my gear i can't achieve that without this aura.

If you don't need one of the resistance auras you can use Herald of Ash. If you don't need both of them you could use Hatred + Haste + Herald of ash for maximum damage and farming speed. In order to that you need a level 20 reduced mana gem and 4% reduced mana reservation from the passive skill tree (you an get that for 2 passive skill points from the Sovereign circle )

In order to be able to run these 3 auras you'll need your Reduced Mana gem to be atleast level 19 ( maybe 18 works too i don't remember)

The trigger gem is Cast When Damage Taken. When you link a spell to it( including curses and buffs) it will trigger the linked spell when you take a certain amount of damage(440 at level 1). When you level up the Cast When Damage. Taken gem the damage threshold is increased ( i.e. 560 at level 3) and the damage that the linked spells will do when triggered is increased( at level 1 the spells deal 70% less damage and at level 3 - 62%). The linked spells to the trigger gem can't require a higher level than the trigger gem itself. Because of that you'll need to link the skills that are useful only on a higher level(Molten Shell and Decoy totem) to a high level Cast When Damage Taken and the skills that are good even at level one(Enduring cry and curses) to a level 1 Cast When Damage Taken. I put Increased area of effect support gem here to have a bigger aoe of the curse(note that a higher level requirments of the support gems doesn't affect the Cast on damage taken - you can have a level 20 support in a level 1 trigger and it will work)
The spells that you'll need to link to Cast When Damage Taken are:
Enduring Cry - The endurance charges are pretty nice and will boost your defensive abilities
Molten Shell - It boosts your armour and it gives you a temporary shield that will absorb damage. It's increadably effective against damage reflect
Decoy Totem - Very usefull totem that will force you enemies to attack it instead iof you. Since it taunts them constantly it will overwrite the taunt effect of the Endurace Cry. It is very effective and helpful against flicker striking bosses
Temporal Chains - The perfect curse for this build in my opinion. Slower attacking, casting and moving enemies are less threatening. You can also use Enfeeble but it's hard to stack intelligence with this build. Choose one - both are awesome

This is my skill tree.
So basicly what you need is:
1. Life
2. Life Regeneration
3. Damage nodes
5. Attack Speed
4. Resistances

I am using a mace but you can use an axe or a staff or even a sword instead! Only 7 passive skill points are spent into a specific weapon type ( mace ) if you are using a different weapon just se this points for the weapon passives of your choice

You can farm piety from around level 75(maybe even 70).
Basicly any 2h build with similar tree can be converted into this farming build.

What you want from your gear is alot of Increased Item Rarity and Quantity!

Any 2h axe/sword/mace/staff with 450+ DPS will work just fine... hell you'll do good even with ~400 DPS axe!Kaom's Primacy and Kongor's Undying Rage will work great!
I reccomend that you have the axe linked below on swap to cull Piety/Dominus for extra rarity

5L-6L Astral Plate with extral Life and Resistances. Even 4L will work fine.

You want a helmet with IIQ/IIR and posibly life + resists. You can also use the helmet linked bellow

The best gloves that you can use are high IIQ/IIR rare gloves with resistances and life. But these are hard to get. So instead use these:

You can also use the gloves linked bellow if your IIQ is low ( you want to keep it atleast close to 100% ) and your IIR is high enough.

I prefer the Aurseize because i have enough IIQ and the 15% all res are very helpful for me

Again The best boots that you can use are high IIQ/IIR rare gloves with resistances and life. But once again these are hard to get. Use these boots instead:

Use this belt for the IIQ and the extra attributes:

You want 2 gold rare rings with high IIQ/IIR and possibly with life and resistances maybe some life leech. You can also use 2 Unique Andvarius Rings for high IIR bonus but remember that you need atleast 70% lightning resistnaces and those rings have -20% all resistances.

Again high IIR/IIQ rare gold amulet and possibly with life and resistances.

1 Granite and 1 Jade Flask to boost your armour.
2 Life flasks atleast one of them should apply instantly.
1 Divination Distillate

The Divination Distillate is expensive (12-20 exalts) but it's nice to have one. I still don't own one because i'm not sure if i want to spent that kind of currency on it. Remember that the increased IIR/IIQ effect of this flask works only while the life/mana recovery effect works.

My Gear

I've strated with just 96% IIQ and 156% IIR and even then the runs were extremely profitable.

Personay i like to help Kraityn on normal because the 8% all resists are very helpfull and in almost all cases will save you one passive skill point( wich will give you 6% all resists so you get 2% bonus resists). Helping Oak will be a very good choice aswell, it's always good to have more life escpecialy when you have so many +X% life nodes .The bonus mana from Aliara is useless ofcourse.
The attack speed bonus that Kraityn is very good choice - more attack speed -> faster movement with leap slams. The physical damage from Oak is also a good idea.Aliara here is useless for you... once again. Killing all bandits would be a good choice aswell(maybe the best option in Cruel)
What can say... you won't be using any charges at all so killing all bandts would be the right decision. Helping Oak is the second best choice in Merciless since you'll be casting Enduring Cry with your trigger support gem. If you want to use Blood Rage then i guess helping Kraityn would be usefull too. I don't use Blood Rage because i lose life constantly but if you for some reason have alot of chaos res then you can use it. It will Further increase your attack speed and the life lech is nice.

First of all look at this video of me doing a Piety run:
And a video of me doing a Dominus run:

A video made by wenlock

This is what i've got from 1 hour of piety farming ( 8 piety runs )

This is pretty much the average gain per hour... a little less than average actualy.

How to reach Lunaris Temple level 3 fast every time
First of all you want to find a Lunaris Temple level 2 where the waypoint is close to the stairs for Lunaris Temple level 3. The Lunaris Temple level 2 zone will be lost after 8 minutes so you need to go back there before that happens. You want to revisit the area when you reach Piety because even if the actual run takes around 6 minutes you'll need to go back to town a couple of times to sell all the rares that you'll get and that takes some time. So just to be sure - revisit Lunaris Temple level 2 when you reach Piety in order to keep the area layout! In order to reset Lunaris Temple level 3 you need to Ctrl + Left mouse click on the stairs and choose "New".
An example for a perfect Lunaris Temple level 2 map layout:

Lunaris Temple level 3
When you are in Lunaris Temple level 3 you always need to go upstairs. There are 3 stairs in this area and you always want to go up! In time you'll be able to predict where the stairs will be. Usualy a long narrow path means stars in the end of it. After you climb the last stairs you'll be in a place where you can go left or right, one of them is blocked so you'll need to go back and lose some time. How to now which one is the right way to go? When you go up you'll see on both sides of the stairs waggons. The side with one waggon is the right way. The side with two waggons is blocked. See the screenshot bellow to better understand the waggon thing

What to kill
Always kill the rare(yellow) monsters and the magic(blue) monster packs. Leave the normal monsters they'll just slow you down.
Kill Spinecrack ( unique whipping miscreation monster in Lunaris Temple level 3 ) his drop is not that great but you can kill him very fast so it's worth it.
About Kole in Lunaris Temple level 2 - i prefer to skip him. His drop rates are not that great and it takes some time to kill him... wasted time.
There are 2 packs of magic(blue) monsters in Lunaris Temple level 3 - one behind the waggon infront of the second golden gate and one between the golden statue and the red portal that leads to Piety (see screenshot bellow)

Well you need to kill her blue portals which will transform her into ice archer. Keep the red portals because they pose no thread and with many of them around instead of any blue once it's more likely that she'll use them. With 70%+ lightning resistance the lightning spells shouldn't be a trouble for you. If she transforms into an ice ranger - hide behind a column. She attacks 6 times before transofrming back into her human form.
Don't forget to swap to Reaper's Pursuit and cull her ( when she is bellow 10% of her life) for extra IIR.

The Dominus Boss fight has 4 stages. In the first stage you'll need to kill 3 boss blackguards - one that deals cold damage with cyclone, one that deals fire with a modified version of lightning strike and uses leap slam, and one that deals lightning with spark totems. They are pretty easy to deal with. In the second stage you'll have to kill 3 miscreations. They will spawn one after another. First you'll face a whipping miscreation that deals chaos damage. Stick close to her ( i think it's a "she" ) so she won't case those .. i call them chaos etheral knives and they are nasty. The second boss is a tentacle miscreation with speed aura - easy kill. The last one has slowing aura and uses smoke mine - also an easy kill. ALongside these bosses normal miscreations will be spwaned. The 3 bosses don't have alot of life and it takes 4-5 hits to kill each one of them. After that you'll face Dominus. He casts a cold version of searing bond totem. Don't stay in the path of the beam just kill some of the totems so you can hit Dominus without a cold beam on your head. He also curses you with a curse which makes all miscreations which will be spwaned periodicly to go suicidal and explode when you are near them. The explosions deal alot of damage and 3-4 will kill you. The good thing is that you are using a AOE attack and they'll die before they reach you 90% of the time. Dominus also casts a stream of lightning. Having a Topaz flask really helps with that. He also uses a smash attack. You can leap slam away from it. If he hit's you with it you will survive if you have 3800+ life and 5000+ armour. Using a granite flask before he hits you helps alot. When you kill him he will teleport to the right and then he'll turn into.. something... That's the final 4th stage of the battle. For this one you'll need Bleeding removal flask or you will die! He will slash and stab you and will cause huge bleeding. Don't stand on the Blood rain. Pretty much all you need to do is to keep leap slamming him and pop a bleed removal flask and a life flask from time to time. The Dominus Boss fight is harder than the Piety one and i cant guarantee that you won't die! If you don't play in a hardcore league that shouldn't bother you, just remember to have an open portal all the time. Also going back to town to replenish your flasks after stage 3 is a great idea!

What to pick up
First of all you want to be able to make a use of the 2 chaos vendore recipe.
If you sell an unidentified rare 2h Weapon(or 1h weapon+shield) + chest + helmet + boots + gloves + belt + amulet + 2 rings at the same time to a vendore he'll give you 2 chaos orbs in return. If the items are identified he'll give you 1 chaos orb. In my opinion the chance of rare item that's really worth something to drop is not that high so selling unidentified rares for this recipe is the right decision. The hardest items for the recipe are the rings and amulet. Just to be ready to sell the items to the vendor i keep a stash tab like this one:

Identify all rares that you won't use for the recipe and sell them for alternations.
Don't forget to pick up portal scrolls, transmutation orbs, armour scraps and whetstones. You can ( and eventualy you will ) sell them for scrolls of identification... you'll need ALOT of those.
You can also pick up RBG linked items and sell them for chromatic orbs.
Don't forget to pick up items with 6 sockets - you can sell them to the vendor for 7 jeweller's orbs each!
You'll get between 2-5 uniques per hour. You can get some very nice drops from piety ( i.e. Dream Fragments )
You'll also get the occasional orb drops - anything from alternations to exalts.
I must also say that piety farming will help you level up atleast to some point. Right now at level 86 i gain around 2% experience per hour.. so at lower levels you'll get alot of experience.

Leveling up gems
You can also level up your gems while farming Piety. Don't forget that! Keep in mind that a level 20 gem + 1 GCP sold to a vendore at the same time gives you the same gem at level 1 but with 20% quality! So there is also some profit in leveling up gems. A level 20 gem usualy sells for an Exalt, the same goes for a 20% quality gem, level 20 gem with 20% quality is usualy 2 exalts! Keep in mind that some gems are more desirable and more sellable so you need to know which gems to level up and sell. Good idea would be Increased Rarity and Quantity gems or faster attacks and faster casting speed gems. A gem get's around 425000 xp per run (to level up a gem from level 19 to 20 you need around 300 runs). It's not that fast but it's still something to helpy you amass currency( or just level up gems for different builds)
To level a gem from level 1 to level 20 you need around 660 runs.

Like this guide? I've helped you out somehow? You like my account name(that's how i've got my closed beta key)? You want to make me happy? You just feel generous?
Donate a buck or two. It would be greatly appreciated!
I will use the donated money to support GGG, because they deserve it! :)

Donations spent so far:
$55 for 450 points

Krasimir Ganchev - €20.00
eGPU project foundation - €10.00
Iuliana Bojinovska - $10.00
Thomas Elliott - €5.00
Philip Lee - €4.00
Charles Ang - €2.00
Leon Overmeyer - €1.00
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Q.1 Is this build for Duelsit only?
A.1 No, you can play as a Duelist, Marauder or Templar and it doesn't really matter which one you'll pick.

Q.2 Should i watch out for something while i'm farming?
A.2 Be carful when you encounter a reflect rare monster. It's hard to due to reflect but it is possible! If you don't have high cold resistance you might want to be careful around elemental reflect rares also.

Q.3 Can i Farm Dominus with this build?
A.3 You could but it's slower and you should pay very close attention in the boss fight. A nasty side effect of the Leap Slam is the fact that you'll push Dominus ( while he is in his second form) away from the protective bubble when he casts blood rain. So generaly Piety is the better option. It's just not worht it to farm Dominus - it's slower and you might and for what? Rares with ilvl 70 instead of 68?

Q.4 Increased Rarity or Increased Quantity?
A.4 Well try to reach around 100% IIQ .. everything else spend for IIR. If you need to make a decision between IIQ and IIR... if the IIR of the item is twice(or more) compared to the IIQ then chose the IIR... otherwise - the IIQ. AS i see things 2-2.5% IIR = 1% IIQ. Of course i might wrong on this one... but that's how i roll.

Q.5 Mace vs Axe vs Staff vs Sword
A.5 Axes and Maces pretty much share the first place in my opinion. Axes tend to have slightly higher DPS but Maces can stun. Staves .. they have block and that's nice.. but in the case of farming Piety - useless. Swords ... well they have kind of low DPS compared to the other 3.. and the extra accuracy is worthless since you'll be using Resolute Technique.
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Some Numbers

Usualy it takes 1 hit to kill a Piety portal
Usualy it takes 1-2 hits to kill a normal monster
Usualy it takes 3 hits to kill a magic monster
Usualy it takes 6 hits to kill a rare monster
Usualy it takes 7 hits to kill Spinecrack
Usualy it takes 20 hits to kill Kole
Usualy it takes 30 hits to kill Piety

To level a gem from level 1 to level 19 you need around 360 runs.
To level a gem from level 19 to level 20 you need around 300 runs.

Started on 24 January 2014 Ended on 18 February
Number of Piety runs : 690
Number of Unique drops : 317
Number of Vaults of Atziri Vaal Pyramid Maps found : 8
The highest number of uniques dropped from a single Piety kill : 3

Valuable currency found : 3 Exalts, 1 Divine, 7 GCPs
Number of Exalts bought with currency/items from Piety runs : 64
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Updated some info...i guess the guide is completed for now.
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Maybe I'm missing something, I can'tr for the life of me figure it out? How is Piety resetting? I get the good L2 layout, run through quick, get to Piety, kill her, back to L2, to keep layout, but when I run back through she's not reset? Like it's just her corpse with her items. How is she supposed to reset? This driving me NUTS. Help!
Balllllller wrote:
Maybe I'm missing something, I can'tr for the life of me figure it out? How is Piety resetting? I get the good L2 layout, run through quick, get to Piety, kill her, back to L2, to keep layout, but when I run back through she's not reset? Like it's just her corpse with her items. How is she supposed to reset? This driving me NUTS. Help!

Before enter L3, Ctrl + Click on the Stair and choose New.
AllanPls - A Poe.Trade-inspired style for the official Path of Exile Trade website (v0.1.2)

I've forgot to mention how to reset areas -_-
Anyway what surVfate said... taht way you can reset all areas ( not just Piety )

Oh and that reminds me. SOmetimes when you go back to Lunaris Temple level 2 you'll end up in a new are even if the old one still hasn't expired. I guess it's some kind of a anti-bot messure(?) .. to deal with that don't just click on the waypoint but Ctrl + Click on in and choose the old one ( the one that sais "Enter" ). This doesn't happen often but it still happens from time to time.
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Ok i've received a question ingame about exactly how profitable are the Piety Runs. I'll try to explain in this post.
First of all thanks to the chaos orb recipe you get 6 chaos orbs per 2 hours on averege.
You also get 10 Alternation orbs per Piety Run on averege and you make ~17 Piety Runs per 2 hours.
You also get around 2 items with 6 sockets per 2 hours. (sell these to a vendore and you'll get 7 jeweler's orbs per item)
So per 2 hours you get:
6 chaos orbs
170 alternations
14 jewelers

You can trade the chaos orbs for alternations ( 1:16 .. you can try and sell for more but 1:16 is a fair price ) .. so 6 chaos orbs = 96 alterations.

So per 2 hours you get
264 Alternation orbs
14 jewelers

Keep in mind that 2 Alternations = 1 Jeweler and 4 Jewelers = 1 fusing ( you can get these from the jewelry vendor)
that means that 264 Alternations = 132 Jewelers
Add the 14 jewelers from the items with 6 sockets and you end up with 146 jewelers
146 jeweres = 36.5 fusings

You can trade 37-40 fusings for 1 Exalt ( and there are plenty of sellers )

So in the end you earn 1 Exalt per 2 hours! And that's only from Alternation + chaos recipe + items with 6 sockets!
Don't forget that you also get chance/scouring/regret/chaos/alchemy/alternation/jeweler/fusing orb drops very often, you can even get gcp/divine/exalt/eteral orb drops.. hell you can even get a Mirror of Kalandra( but don't rely on that.. i'm Playing PoE for 2 years now.. and i've never got a Mirror)
I'm not taking into account the fact that you will also find uniques and rares that you can sell to other players. You'll also get quality gems - if the quality is high enough you can sell them to other players if not - you can use them for the GCP recipe (gems with total of 40% quality = 1 GCP )

Now let's say that you don't have alot of free time and that you can't play PoE alot. Let's say that you can play PoE 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. THat means that you'll end up with 10 Exalts per week ( again this is the absolute minimum, only from alternations/chaos recipe/ items with 6 sockets )

Of course there are some other methods to gain currency( i'll list them bellow) but in my opinion this one is the best.

Piety Farming
+Steady and fast way to earn currency
+The gear is not that expensive
+You don't need to be high level
+You don't need to spend currency in order to farm Piety

-It is repetitive
-It can be boring

Dominus Farming
+You get higher ilvl items compared to Piety Runs
+The gear is not that expensive
+You don't need to be very high level
+You don't need to spend currency in order to farm Dominus

-It is more difficult to kill Dominus compared to Piety
-You need better gear compared to Piety runs
-It is slower compared to Piety Runs
-It is repetitive
-It can be boring

Trade chat item Flipping
that means that you watch the trade chat and buy items/currency at a low price and sell them for more

+You can earn alot from a single deal
+You don't need to do.. anything

-Hours can pass before you actualy earn something
-You don't need to do.. anything
-I find it ...disgusting... preying on new players and peple who don't know what they've got for profit

Solo mapping
+You can get map only uniques
+You get more experience

-you can't do solo maps with full IIR/IIQ gear... if you do you'll clear a map extremely slowly
-Map bosses drop less compared to Piety
-You need to spend currency in order to roll maps
-It's slow

Party mapping with a IIR/IIQ Culler in the party
+You get more experience
+You can get map only uniques

-It is slow
-You get less items because you are splitting everything with the other party members
-You need to spend currency to farm these maps

+You get more and better items per single kill

-It is slower
-You need to spend time to do the actual multiboxing(putting the other character in place etc.)
-You need to have more than 1 character
-I find it... disgusting... for me Multiboxing is an exploit that should be punishable.
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Someone asked me which uniques can drop outside of end-game maps.

Unique and minimum item level
Lioneye's Glare-71
Ming's Heart-73
Lioneye's Remorse-73
Devoto's Devotion-74
Rathpith Globe-74
Mon'tregul's Grasp-75
Void Battery-77
Voltaxic Rift-78
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cool! what are your thoughts about using a scion and getting harrier (and the faster attacks leading up to it)? Would that not be quite as good? and what nodes would you sacrifice to do that?

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