Summoners please read.

The hassle of summoning minions every time is the primary reason I don't play a summoner anymore.
It's a good suggestion, and would be a QoL feature.
Oh please god yes.

Also this is not a balance issue as it would provide no real benefit - it's a convenience issue.

As for snapshot, I just don't use it (just like I couldn't be bothered to use the aura snapshot in the days) because the gains would be negligible with my setup.

I can do map up to 70/71 with no problems but only because my minions are über stacked and I can run 6 auras.
As much as I agree, it has been brought up that it's a coding thing. It's incredibly easy to store Guardian data, all you need is the 1-6 items he's wearing. The supports are all calculated on zoning in. With spectres you need monster type, monster level, and supports if you want to keep snapshotting a thing. If persistent summons became a thing, I would guess it would come at the death of snapshot.

Means I'll just roll with a pair of Evangelists instead of playing around with spectre combos.

Seems we're living in interesting times.
The only reason I'd go back to my Summoner would be if they gave us persistent minions. With my shitty connection and FPS issues I DC quite often. Having to resummon everything every few minutes kills all fun.
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They indeed explained why it was possible with animate gardian and not specters. But that was just technical excuses. Game is in dev for many years, if they truely wanted to code this shit, they could, even if it means making another storing place just for this. I don't play PoE when I have 45min free at home after work, because I don't want to loose 1/3 of it doing stupid minion summons...
Maybe people playing less than 16h straight in a day aren't a concern for GGG :)

(and I would give snapshoting for this without esitation ; i think we would have more theory crafting and build diversity without snapshoting, because we would have choices to make, instead of just tabula rasa specters then putting all we need in the empty sockets. Of course a little buff to the minions would be nice if snapshot is removed, to compensate)
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Too bad they don't see how good the ARPG element of their game is...
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At the moment it's anecdotal evidence if you aren't backing it up and other people have posted GGG replys where they say it is not intended and may be fixed any time.
I myself hope two fixes are coming:
*Summons don't disappear on logout
*Snapshotting removed - if you change gems minions disappear

ive only seen this one post, which relates to socket mapping, not snapshot

again, Im not defending snapshotting, but there was an explicit post from dev concerning minion snapshot

Mark_GGG wrote:
Completed 15 ChallengesAsmosis wrote:
Changing the supports for any skill should affect all CURRENT instances of the skill as well as future casts.
No, it shouldn't. That would lead to always summoning with no supports, then adding supports afterwards to increase their damage/life/etc at no penalty since you already paid the mana cost without an multipliers on it.

Mana reservations skills are a special case, but in general, a skill has the effect you paid for - which is the supports on it when you cast the skill - and it should continue to work that way.[/quote]

everyone conviniently tries to ignore it because it interferes with their idea of 'exploit', its hilarious
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Wouldn't be surprised if homing fireball is a reference to Bone Sprirt from d2.
Still, to make it a summon is a strange decision.

As for spectre hunting after every single log in, it's tiresome indeed, up to the point that now I just rise any random range mobs instead of actual hunting.

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