Summoners please read.

The post quoted in this thread is not saying snapshotting is here to stay or how we want minions to always work. It's just pointing out a reason why simply removing the snapshotting causes other problems as well.

We're aware that snapshotting is a problem, but the knee-jerk reaction of just removing all snapshotting isn't particularly better, just bad in different ways. This is an issue we're trying to address long term, but finding the correct solution takes time and effort, and we'd rather do that than a quick fix that makes things just as bad* in different ways.

*This is my opinion, some members of the team have come to the conclusion that while still clearly non-ideal, the no-snapshotting case is still better. So that might still happena s a temporary measure at some point, which would at least allow us to start balancing things around there being no abuse of snapshotting.
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