0.10.0 patch notes, balance explanations and how microtransactions work

wait for downloaded, so long :(
awesome speed 100-300kb this jokes or nice work explain me !!!!......
99.87% and stopped. S**T GAME!
So basically, witch class has had a bit bigger nerfing from what I read in patch notes? :(((((
Chris wrote:
UPDATE: Due to extensive feedback in this thread, we have changed the implementation so that effects can be reclaimed at no cost. Microtransaction effects can be freely moved between items. This will affect their initial pricing somewhat, but we'll investigate adding cheaper one-use "demo" versions of them in the near future.

I love you guys! It is truly amazing that GGG did this based on player feedback. It just goes to show you what can be done when you dont have all that red tape...

Keep listening and we will keep supporting!
Somehow, I'm quite happy with the update concerning Visual Effects too :)

So... I'll go buy the all!
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update speed is very slow....can anyone pls upload on mediafire or any file hoster thank =.=
Has anyone tried any item special effects? Are the effects removable? I can't find if there is a thread talking about this.
Yes and Yes
Not sure if this has been asked or not but here goes, what happens if you die in hardcore with the purchased effects on the weapons or spell? are they then gone for good?

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