0.10.0 Patch Notes

Check out the shop on pathofexile.com for a complete list!

The website is not updated where I am, if I click the shop, the only micro transactions are: extra stash tab and extra character slot. :/
Dumbledore wrote:
I really just want to say i'm quite disappointed that we are encouraged to pay for coloured/named stash tabs. It just seems to me like that should be a basic game feature. If it improves playability, which im assuming it does greatly, doesn't that make sense?

Don't get me wrong, i've already payed $50 dollars and have no problem spending more. I most likely WILL purchase the coloured tabs because i've already purchased extra tabs and it would feel like a waste not to.

This is the only problem I see with the patch notes.

Considering all the stuff we get completely for free, I see no harm at all with premium tabs. They're a nice convenience that doesn't make the game pay to win. If you take away sources of income like these from GGG, it'll have to turn into a pay to win game. Please don't complain about such small things, let GGG earn some deserved money. Money which will go back into development and give us more content.

Agreed. Best reply I've seen yet.
Charan wrote:

Kabraxis wrote:
Srsly the moderators here must start doing their work instead writing wall of texts about themselves.

Hypothetically speaking, would a ten day probation from yours truly convince you we mods do something more than 'write walls of text about ourselves'? Because I'd be more than glad to oblige.

+1 from me.

Convince me Charan! For the love of all that is holy, convince me!

(note: To avoid confusion, I'm not asking that you wield the 10 day hammer on me. I'm referring to the QQ king you were addressing!)
" ... to let them know the game isn’t going to be very fair from here on out."
- Qarl
Hooray for removal of Diamond Flask!!! Thing was so incredibly broken.
dc2904 wrote:
about 1.5 GB according to something either a dev or a mod posted.

WTF ?! are you sure ?! this is VERY much!

Yeah, a lot of people will not be able to get it very fast, myself included probably. I'm living overseas and my connection at 8pm is not that great.

Would have been nice to have more time to download the new version, but whatever. Most people 2 hours is plenty of time now a days to get 1.5 gigs. Can't please everybody all the time. :D
2,5h to go, can't wait! Very good balancing i think, great job GGG!
never trust ze germans!
The patch is going to be roughly 1.5 gigs? O.O There goes 4 hours of playtime for me.
Here it is at last! I'm ready for the changes!
No manually patch before OB??????
So Far.. So Good
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It is less than two hours before OB, we should be able to start downloading new patch right? But it is not possible :)

Here it is, downloading yay :)
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