0.10.0 Patch Notes

looking good!

cant wait!
Things with "increased" and "decreased" in the tooltip are additive ... where as "More" or "Less" are multiplicative ...
No melee buffs :( qq

Was hoping for some new support gems to help melee with their 360 AoE problems.
And so it begins....
Danskere: PM mig, hvis I har brug for en guild.
CI nerf lol.
EDIT: NVM , I didn't see it
QQ :>
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Cant Wait!!!
Warzeub wrote:
Chris, It looks like u missed one difficulty for bandits. I'm not sure but I think u missed it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Normal: elemental resistances, maximum mana, maximum life; Cruel: attack speed, cast speed, physical damage; Merciless: maximum frenzy charges, maximum power charges, maximum endurance charges.

No, there are 3 difficulties now.


Also - I like how the ES item mod changes were under bug-fixes instead of balance ;D
(I've read Qarl's post So I srot of get why that's the case)
Those Patch Notes.......

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