0.10.0 Patch Notes

Thank you so much GGG.
I am ready.
Thank's man. Fucking love these notes and how well you guys make this game.
Yes! Finally! Freaking awesome! ES nodes increased, thank you!!! Can't wait to try out the new skill gems and Act 3!!
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The premium stash tabs are so disappointing. I mean really, wtf was you thinking? It should be a ONE TIME PURCHASE that just allows you to rename and colour all of your existing stash tabs and any you buy in the future. And recover effect? Are you serious? You should buy the effect once and that's it, it should remain in your micros-transaction tab and you should be able to use it infinitely. Having to pay to recover it is absolutely ridiculous. I like the special effects and stuff, but you should really re-think those two things.
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Chris wrote:
Carl has also posted an explanation of some of the balance changes, which strongly you to read alongside these patch notes.

The end of this sentence is a bit wacky Chris.
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so armor / ability / weapon skins are all one time use? that seems really lame and inefficient since arpgs are all about replacing gear.
Shoop da woooop!

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