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@Appels_Zijn_Gezond: thank you for that awesome build again, and dont you mind if i translate your guide for russian players? Ofc i will link it to official thread, and save all credits.

Ok got all items i want, maybe some upgrade on boots, wand, helm, rings etc, but i dont want to buy it becouse it's really alot of ex.
Everyday im playing PoE, getting some knowledge and each hour i think "Oh my god dude this build rocks!".

1. Cheap, only colors on infernal mantle is problem, but i get 2 infernal mantles for 4 chaos and just use all my chromes and fusings in it, so after few days i get 5l with perfect colors GBRBGG (both 5l position leave green slot for arctic armor).
2. Anti-desync, becouse cwdt + warp everytime bring you to real position of mobs.
3. VERY tanky, i tank 2 piety today then all my party die in 3 seconds and dominus deal some damage only with his fist, but it's easy to dodge if you can survive it with flasks (even with 80% cap resists). Then i reach 72+lvl i never die once after it (81 now).
4. Fun to play, nuff said.
5. Easy to play, so it's perfect for newcomers.
6. Good damage, it's getting worse if you cant deal damage in melee zone (parties).


That's my gear. Finally buy Dream Fragments so mods like 90% extra cold damage from monsters not problem anymore, and i feel like i can beat in pvp almost everyone. I run haste, becouse i really dont like discipline only for mana. I have 1.3k unreserved mana, but for high damage bosses i can just turn off haste and get 2.3k unreserved mana. And i use faster casting instead of add chaos, i just calculate what add chaos not worth to use without 20% quality, 10% chaos damage increase works with chaos damage from infernal mantle. Cast speed just more comfortable to play, especially in party then you need to run and warp by yourself. Then i get 6lvls more i will test add lightning damage with it, maybe shock stacks will be better than add chaos.


I take some fire damage from bottom of the tree near Unwavering Stance, drop some hp and still not take 2% to max resists, i feel very tanky without it so i dont think it's worth for me to spend 5 point to it. Going to test static blows with add lightning damage in future.

Passive Tree
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@MeGaTw1nK: Ofcourse you can :)
Will it be posted here on the forums?

As for the damage, it's your base damage times 20(stage 3 = 400%, and you fire off 5 projectiles, so 4x5 = 20). The dps shown already has attack speed calculated in(((169+253)/2)*7.09 = 1495.99), so we don't need to do anything with that.
In your case, you get almost 30K dps.
I am a nice guy.
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@Appels_Zijn_Gezond: I think i will just translate it to one of the big russian fan sites and give you a link, so you can put it in the first post for russians if they find your guide here. And maybe you can write smth like EN/RU in thread name. Sounds good?

And big ty for formula! So it's ~30k dps in melee and it's actually better than some very expencive builds, and they die from desync! :)
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So I hit level 80 (54%) and thought I'd give an update to my gear I posted a few pages ago. Mostly I messed around with the jewellery so I got the same resist stats with some iir and a teensy bit of more HP.

All the gear:


Previous Jewelry I had


44% fire res
44% Cold res
94% Lightning res
44 Int
15 Str
54 Life
39% Mana regen


Current Jewelry


45 Fire res
45 Cold res
56 Lightning res
11 Int
19 Str
76 Life
46% Mana regen
33% increased iir


Did I make the correct choice?
@chaosphysik: What do you mean? As far as I can see, the leveling tree still works :>

My bad, after deleting Internet cache the tree was updated.

guys please help. i have this item and gems in it. cant understand why CWDT gem wont work. only reduced duration effect applies. why?

Completed 13 Challengesscifi wrote:
guys please help. i have this item and gems in it. cant understand why CWDT gem wont work. only reduced duration effect applies. why?


Read what your cast when damage taken says. ''Gem requirements can not be higher then lvl 31'' look at the requirement for your 2 other gems. they are int he 40s and 50s. thats why. either get lower leveld gems to match your cwdt or level up another cwdt.

Sometimes, its better to not level certain gems. or only level them to a certain degree.
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@scifi not gonna quote your message to make this message shorter. Anyways, I made a gem level list before I started this build since i had to reuse some old ones. Although my gem setup is now a bit different.

Flammability 5
reduced duration max
lightning warp 3
cwdt 1

reduced mana max
clarity max
discipline max

incinerate max
gmp max
lifeleech max
manaleech max
faster projectiles max
arctic armour max

lighning warp max
faster casting max
reduced duration max

molten shell max
cwdt max
firestorm max
manaleech max

immortal call 3
enduring cry 5
cwdt 1
frost wall 5
You mentioning that you should get EB and MOM (and Inner Force + Unwavering Stance) around the same time, do you recommend just saving up and getting them at the same time or is there a particular order that you would recommend?

Just in your opinion an order that I should approach these passives would be helpful, thanks!
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@user2955 thank you so much.

I'm sure it was already asked. Just cant find an answer. Why not Vaal Pact?

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