[1.3.0]PewPewPews official Starter-Friendly Incinerate Build | Stronger than ever!

This is my gear atm


Still need to find a better wand and some boots with movespeed for faster warps

I also needed to replace reduced duration with arctic armour since i dont have any room for it
Couldn't you fit it in your 6th slot on your chest? Then just put the added chaos in your switched weapon set so it still gets experience?
Completed 14 ChallengesMidjet wrote:
Couldn't you fit it in your 6th slot on your chest? Then just put the added chaos in your switched weapon set so it still gets experience?

I could but then il have to get 3 green sockets and i already spend 500+ croms getting the colors i have now..and i dont remember getting 3 green on any of those tries.

Im also working to get a seperate infernal mantle 6linked so i kinda want to keep my chroms incase it gets 6linked soon
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Just want to add, holy crap is it ridiculously hard to roll a B/R/G/G Infernal mantle? If you want one already those colours they are like 12exalts +
I just wanted to show you guys the talent-tree I'm using:

2 differences to the one from PewPew:

- Use Spell-damage route to get to Eldritch Battery

- Leaving out to +2% max res to get Aronist (+36% Firedmg)

You guys think the 2% are really worth it for 5 points?
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Happy new year everyone!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of replies, it's been a busy time with new year and such, so I haven't had as much time as I'd like to be busy with the game.

Anyways, I'm happy to read all your stories about this build, and seeing everyone having a blast with it as well!

@foojin: 1298*20 = 25.9K when incinerate hits third stage, and I'm in close range(which is quite often btw)
@Midjet: I personally don't like Vaal Pact. Mostly since we don't really need it(we can't get killed by reflect), and the life regen is nice for chaos maps.
I have been avoiding kole, even though I am about to test my tanking capabilities against him. Other than that, no other bosses up to 75. The only map mods I don't like are no regen and blood magic, even though it is possible to run both(see below)
@Paulygon: 1. no. Just read the first post, it's explained there :) 2. for leveling, it will be saver not to use it, but once you got to mapping, and got all the CwDT's ready, I would recommend using it though.
@arimor2390: I personally prefer Faster Projectiles, I ran a few maps with mana leech instead, but it just felt... weaker(still strong enough to clear mobs fast enough though)
@h8crew: I got mine within 40 chromes. A friend of mine got one using only three. I heard some not getting the right colors after 200 as well, so it is a bit of a gamble, but I'd recommend using the chromes on your own IM.
@fractis: I personally think it is. I tried running without and almost died at piety. That 2% makes the difference for those high end boss fights.

Also, I finished a no regen map. Ran without any aura's, and only turned on AA, when I noticed a group of physical hitters up ahead/got teleported into them. The maps was doable, not too hard.

Also fought several double ele reflect mob packs there. Even though I did lose health, it wasn't anything lethal: even without AA, reflect is not an issue.
Note: Thanks to ele weakness, I only had 66% fire res in that map(!)

Like I said, I will do some intensive testing with kole coming days, just to see how much this build can take from him. I might get a few nice recordings out of it as well(double kole with increased damage or something), so yeah!

I also updated the first post with some screenshots of my stats :)
I am a nice guy.
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This build work great, but you should add warning part about lightning warp and cwdt : do not use this combo when your gear not good. I try the combo and it keep tele me near the damage dealer and it really risky when desync happen.
Overall a good build
Looking for friend to play with.
Im lonely :((

IGN: hello7op
The one question I have about this build is where is the 'shotgun zone'? Is everything between me and the first arc of fireballs getting hit with all five, or do they have to be right in melee range for the full shotgun?

Also something that you may have overlooked is Atziri's Foible. While you trade some life and damage for it, but I can outregen a level 20 Inner Force'd Arctic Armor at 65. My guess is that, like EA, once you get into those high maps that little bit of damage, little bit of life, a little overcapped res can save your life, but from 16 to then it's a great help.

Seems we're living in interesting times.
@hello7op: There are two sides to that: one side, yes. You can get teleported in a huge pack of mobs thanks to this, other side: it also let you escape potentially dangerous situations: you won't get pummeled by the same overpowered rare, since before it can unleash the second hit, you will be somewhere else, save and sound. Especially early on, when the CwDT will be triggered less, this is quite nice.

@SilentOppressor: This depends on the type of mob you fight. Bigger enemies obviously have more range before they won't get hit by all five streams, while smaller enemies(with most of the time less health btw)need to be nearly up close before they are hit by all five, and thus shotgunned.
And that is a very nice one for leveling yes :) I'm planning to overhaul certain things in the first post(might wait until 1.5 hits before I do though), I'll be sure to include it :)
I am a nice guy.
Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
To all the people being successful on Nemesis with this build:
Could you please post your build plans or explain how you changed the original build (and specifically the leveling) because I really want to play Nemesis and I feel like the original is a little bit squishy for hardcore.
I would appreciate your help :D

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