Finding Names for your Characters - List of Resources

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Aww, thanks a lot. It's always great to hear that someone finds the list useful. :-)

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Interested in pimp name generators? Because those are hilarious :)

Sure, if the results don't get player's characters renamed right away... ;-)
Update (History)

The SCA College of Arms Name Articles has not only lists of names but also resources on naming practices in various cultures.
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Update (Science/Biology/Misc.)

Lists of famous naturalists, sorted by nationality
Multilingual Glossary of Common Animal Names
Names of common animals in English, Hindi, Malay and Tamil
List of commonly used taxonomic affixes

Happy Hunting.
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Traditions and all that.


It is not easy to realize the monster in yourself, truly it is not easy to create purposefully.
It is easy to realize the virtue in yourself, truly it is easy to destroy.
Contemplate which is worth your time.
Cheers :-D

Also, found another one to add:


List of dinosaur genera
Update (Other)

A (rather random) Spanish - English - Nahuatl word/phrase list
An English - Nahuatl dictionary

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