Finding Names for your Characters - List of Resources

Update (History):
Old English names (~1450-1650) with variants and lots of information.
Oh my god I hate trying to think up a new name so frustrating. Who else agrees? Si this should be helpful.

Have a great day!
Thanks a lot, glad you found it useful. :-)

Update (History):
Dictionary of Medieval Names from European sources (ca 500-1600)

Update (Science/Astronomy)

The 88 modern constellations in different languages
Update (Literature, Cinema, TV & Music)
List of Disney Characters
List of Studio Ghibli Characters
There are actually some really great websites to generate fantasy names. They sound really cool.
Some of which I personally use are:

1. Fantasynamegenerators
2. Fantasynamegen
3. Donjon, etc.

Although there are even many more except from them. You can read more about it.

Thank you, but all of them are already on the list. If you find more, please let me know. I'm always looking for new additions :-)
Update (Other):
A dictionary of Victorian Slang
I just want
to say
I love you!

Instantly bookmarked
Interested in pimp name generators? Because those are hilarious :)

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