[0.11.0] Eldritch Battery/Armour Crit Dagger Shadow (Based off the CI Crit Dagger Shadow concept)

yeah i was following this build on my shadow and now the skill tree's changed and this guide is outdated... I don't know what to do =/ need some help in putting in my skills. Most guides now follow a ghost reaver/CI build but I don't have the proper gear for a CI build, my gear is for an hp/armor build...
yeah is there anyway we can get updates skill trees here? im looking for good shadow builds and this one sounds interesting.

Is there anyone running this life based build that can share their passive tree?
I'm using this guide i'm level 37 right now check it out, maybe someone got some advice I can use? I do lots of damage though :)

My gear:

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Hey I want to make a dagger dual wield shadow using LS for AoE and and viper/dual strike for single target. I made this build in the calculator but I want some tips on how to improve it and what should I do with bandits to achieve the highest possible results from it.
Also I know that dual wield is not the best option but I like it more than 1h and shield. If you have some skill/support gem setups that you think would go nice with this build feel free to post them aswell. Thanks in advance.
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People need to stop bumping and posting here

old build is old

yeah ironic i just did that to say this lol
Hi guys.. im a beginner in this game and want create a shadow..
I was thinking and want a dual weapon critical and evade..
This is good or bad?


Seems like a fun way to play but I am curious if any changes have made this build no longer viable? Anyone still using it?
I've stopped updating it for quite a while now haha. I daresay the concept of the build may still be viable, but you'd prob be better off as a scion.
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