[0.11.0] Eldritch Battery/Armour Crit Dagger Shadow (Based off the CI Crit Dagger Shadow concept)


this is my first character. when i downloaded PoE i watched some random youtube videos and saw the name "crit dagger shadow" somewhere and i decided that i should build it. but i didnt look at any guides or anything i just took dagger passives randomly. now i have looked at some guides and fixed my build abit. maybe someone can give me some pointers what to change. i am not armor based like this guide, but evasion+iron reflexes.

I see alot of people have their doublestrike so much higher than LS, but for me it doesnt go really that far from it. What could be the reason behind this?

My doublestrike is at 5k damage and LS and 4,4k (using Multistrike on LS)

I dont have any chaos resist atm, because I dont have a shield yet. I wanna first buy a shield with +30 chaos resist and then figure out what other pieces of gear I can afford that has +chaos. I have always dual-wielded (as said before, I didnt really follow any guide and was new to the game) If i remove the second dagger, the dps will drop and will then become alot less than I see people posting here (around level 70).

My rings were focused on mana regen and management, but with Multistrike I dont need it no more so maybe you could suggest what kind of new rings I should buy.

Also, should I make some changes to passive tree since my dagger (slaughter knife) since it has lots of elemental damage and Multistrike scales better with elemental damage anyways (as I understand)

Maybe it is just too hard of a build to achieve as first character, but I hope you can help.

passive tree:



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Awesome guide but could you please add some pictures like in your previous guide. That would be much obliged :D
How does this compare to the CI version of the build?

In terms of dps/suvivability

Obv if you get koam's you have to give up a 6-link, but other than that how do they compare?
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Great guide, op build, gj Inva!

selling some old shadow gear used on this build including this beautys:

and others.

please visit my shop for more shadow/hibrid gear
Hello, everything was fine with this perfect build until i hit level 30. My dps is so low now like 65-75 and my ls, double strike dealing no dmg at all LS dps is now around 130 with WED gem and double strike is around 110-120 and flicker the same. At what point did i go wrong ? My item setup is like this.

Your weapons are pretty awful. At that level, I was using this (and still am):

And that's with 2 damage auras, mind you. I get about 1.1k DPS on Flickerstrike after blood rage, and between Wurm's Molt and Mind Drinker, I don't run out of mana to keep flicking. The swords are great twink uniques if you wanna go heavy ES early; you can usually get them for a chaos or two. And seriously - some of the twink uniques you can get are just dumb - ignomon, sadima's, aurumvorax, stuff like that. I also have these:

Honestly, I just wouldn't recommend using daggers for damage at lower levels - swords do way more damage, and with cleave, you can do insane damage. Although I should probably switch to daggers eventually, for better crits. You can have one real cheap if you want. ^^
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If you guys want to see my gameplay footage with this build at level 65
hey invalesco,

since melee was buffed, i think ls is even more stronger. do u recommend this build still? would u mind putting up a new skill tree and add some changes, since the original post is prety outdated ?
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leon1987 wrote:
hey invalesco,

since melee was buffed, i think ls is even more stronger. do u recommend this build still? would u mind putting up a new skill tree and add some changes, since the original post is prety outdated ?

yup this build got buffed. I've looked thru the skilltree and it still looks good, so i'm keeping it as it is. It is still a very good alternative for those who prefer hp over ES :)
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