[0.10.0] Eldritch Battery Ethereal Knives Shadow [Videos Included]

AnimaSolo wrote:
I disagree, I feel EB is really good for this build. Allows me to put on many defensive auras and still have mana to spam EK.

when i followed this guide, i could have 3-4 auras. Now i can have 4 easily with same ammount of life and +1.3k es
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
How's that possible? You must have taken some mana nodes somewhere, or invested in mana items.

At the moment I am running:
Vitality, Determination, Hatred and Discipline.

I use blood magic to cast my projectile weakness, which I plan to level to the max (for wider area coverage).

I have enduring cry for more physical resists (Up to 59% with 3 charges).
I have 30% chance to evade, 40% if I use my HP pot (adds % evasion).
I am at max elemental resists, and 30% chaos.

Having a blast with this build! Good damage, good survivability.
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only thing I have had a hard time with was Oak in Merc...darn guy jumping everywhere...

otherwise I have owned pretty much.

level 61 now :)
Anyone else having a hard time picking between this EK build and Etup's EK build?

I keep finding myself switching from one to the other.
Hi All!

I respec'd my Shadow yesterday so please forgive the randomness of my gear. I'm currently lvl 51 but my Ek is barely hitting for 200dps. This is a total hodgepodge right now from what I currently have but I wanted to see how the build feels before investing in more.

My gem is underleveled but is there anything else that I should be doing? I think I'm approaching this the wrong way.

Thanks in advance for your help... here's my gear :X

My gem is underleveled

This is pretty much it, you're also not using Projectile Weakness which is making matters worse, but gem levels are huge for EK when it comes to DPS.
I live by this from the OP

It is a physical spell
What this means is that EK's DPS is affected by:
- %Cast speed nodes as well as %cast speed mods on gear
- %Spell damage nodes as well as %spell damage mods on gear
- %Projectile damage nodes
- %Spell critical chance/multiplier nodes + Global Critical Chance mods on gear
- %Increased Physical damage mods on non-weapon gear
- %Increased elemental damage nodes + %cold damage/%fire damage mods on gear (slightly)
Aww, I kill all bandits at cruel, it's so bad?
What supports are better for EK

Chain, Pierce, Fork, Faster Proj, Faster Cast, Added Fire?

I use EK with blood magic, life leech and iron will, but I'm in doubt about the remaining 2.
I like fork..never tried chain as I dont have one and not going to pay for one

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