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[0.10.0] Eldritch Battery Ethereal Knives Shadow [Videos Included]

OheShizaru wrote:
@Animasolo What level are you? And how often do you die ? I actually made a FP Shadow till 64 and quit him cause he was way too squishy.. couldn't even farm docks safely -_-

I'm level 81. I very RARELY die.

I recently specced out of some life nodes/cast speed nodes and head towards iron reflexes. Have been experimenting with several options.

I died when I tried Vaal Pact. (This was when I died recently) Lol.

Currently running:
1. Haste
2. Hatred
3. Determination
4. Grace + Clarity (Blood Magicked)

Life (2.8k after blood magic auras)
Armor 15k (approximately 50% damage reduction)

I have 2 enduring cry gems which I cast twice in a row to get 3 endurance charges. I run with the endurance charges almost all the time on difficult maps, that gives me 65% damage reduction.
When I granite (and with 3 endurance charges), I have around 90% damage reduction (to handle reflect).

My EK dps is 6000+ with added fire, fork, life leech and mana leech.

Although I have to admit, some of my gear and gems are on the higher end of things. But I believe the same build is doable without those stuff.
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Thanks for this awesome guide! It was very helpful, although i did my tree somewhat differently. Iron reflexes is just so good :P.

The quill rain is really indispensable for the faster projectiles. Currently rocking a mf spec with aurseize and goldwyrm, can't wait to see what my dps looks like when i got a bit higher, really good considering i am using a +quality gem on the knives and for the sixth slot will use a +quantity...
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Hey Guys- Currently running EK with the gem setup that invalesco recommended- Do you guys prefer chain or fork? I've been using chain on large out door maps since I have projectile speed, but I do see that Fork has higher dps... What is everyones thoughts? I'm thinking chain on maps that have more open spaces like thicket/wharf, and fork on cramped indoor ones like dungeon.

For 6L I'm wondering if either of these configurations may be better than the original post

EK, faster projectiles, mana leech, iron will, chain/fork, added fire damge. (original)

considering swapping faster projectiles for either Faster Casting or Power Charge on Critical? ( i already have a quillrain for proj speed)

- edit - I have been dying a lot in maps so i added life leech in place of Iron Will on the 5L - I see that invalesco did not mention life leech at all so he probably has enough regen and damage reduction to not need it. Probably just have to get better gear (higher armor) and higher mana so I can support the DPS auras as well as Determination + vitality
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@invalesco working on this build and at lvl 35. I have quill rain and broadstroke! The projectiles clear the screen. However I tried a quill rain that has 20% more projectile speed yet it did not change my dps?! Is that intended? Am I mainly getting more distance on my ek knives vs the lower speed bow.? As always thanks. This build made me want to play again. again I have combined it with a q firetrap with elemental proliferation plus heartbeat to hold enemies while they spread fire
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coffecat wrote:
kendoka wrote:
coffecat wrote:
Curently im 71 level.
3708 HP, 2614 Armor, 1940 Mana.
Runing Clarity (level 3), Anger, Haste, Discipline, Hatred.
5810 DSP with 20% level 17 Eternal Knives, with auras on.
Using Temporal Chains and Porjectile Weakness curses, changing them depending on situation.

Im OP as fuck !

Anger? It applies only to attacks, so it's kinda useless with EK.

Can you post your gear? I'm lvling up an EK shadow (lvl 54 currently) and i find it a bit hard: definitely too squishy and the dps is still not as good as I thought.

Anger useless? Hmm maybe im wrong in this one.
Here is my gear, any cirtique is much apriciated and needed !

Hey Coffe can you link your passive tree please? thx
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Inva some advice on this build?

only lost 600 dmg and 800 hp... nothing heavy
I'm a n00b, because always I have something to learn
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Is this build still valid with the newest patch?
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This build worries me after the most recent patch. And I don't know how he can avoid going IR when the picks up all those crit nodes. I don't understand how he deals with physical reflect with this build.

Can anyone reccomend a solid EK Shadow build for Onslaught league? I can't go CI due to the lack of Eye unique, so it has to be some type of armour/hp stacking shadow.
Do wands with increased physical damage boost EK? Or no weapons AT ALL?
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"Buy when there is blood on the streets, even if the blood is your own."
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