[0.10.0] Eldritch Battery Ethereal Knives Shadow [Videos Included]

Completed 15 ChallengesAlcsaar wrote:
This build worries me after the most recent patch. And I don't know how he can avoid going IR when the picks up all those crit nodes. I don't understand how he deals with physical reflect with this build.

Can anyone reccomend a solid EK Shadow build for Onslaught league? I can't go CI due to the lack of Eye unique, so it has to be some type of armour/hp stacking shadow.

I use ice spear. I switched some nodes around and go full mf.
http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgYAAnEEswVCDY0PxBEtEZYUTRVQFecWbxa_FvMc3CQ8JjwmlSepLJwtHy1HL50y0Tt8QZZEq0VHSVFN2FBCVUtVrlXGWm1apl3GXfJgbWHiYqxtGW17cFJw1XOzfIN-WX_GgW-CEIIegziH24hCjDaMdo5kjr6PRo-mnYCdo548oW2iAKIuoqOnCKdcqWius7UEtUi2hrb6uJO4ysHzzfrPZdDQ1U_Wndrd2wvcx93z3nfjn-Qi8GvxdvId8-r3pvyr Ignore the melee damage node near Templar I needed strength for my Kaom chest. It works fine without it also. Gear linked with dps and mf. Pm if I can help in any way :)
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according to WIKI, EK does get bonuses from Wrath, Anger, and Hatred.

Unless Anger is somehow a special case (doesn't seem to be)
Dont you want to update it for 0.11.X?
Invalesco wrote:

- Kaom's Heart + Quill Rain Short Bow + Broadstroke Heavy Quiver*

*my absolute favourite combination. Kaom's for the HP, and to make up for the loss of sockets, the usage of QR which being a dex item will allow you to get the socket colours that you need as well as providing a 100% projectile speed increase which will be absolutely awesome! Broadstroke Heavy Quiver will also help to increase EK's DPS and enable stunlocking of enemies. Can't wait to have someone try this out come OB when Kaom's Hearts get more common due to the increase in population

Has anyone tried out this Quill rain and broad stroke?
How does it work out?
Curious if its any good to have 2 6L items, even with alpha howl for auras.
is this one updated for 0.11.4c?
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I just had a question about the mechanics. Would the Point Blank Skill in the passive talent tree effect the dmmg on Ethereal Knives?
hi, i've been trying out your build, but i have problem soloing mervill since my single target damage needs me to be close (dual strike), any tips how to kill bosses safely with this early build? bear trap is really hard to rely on (gotta practice more i guess). Anyway thanks for this great thread.
All bear traps share the same cooldown unless I do something wrong. So after throwing 3 traps it's not worth waiting for the 3 traps to get out of cooldown. Might as well just spam EK (which is really ineffective vs 1 target).

Also, traps seem to be limited to 3 at a time no matter what. So currently bosses are a huge problem after their 'minions' are dead. Also, bear trap has been nerfed by 40%.
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Is it just me thats messing up something .. or all the builds you show passed 44 have missing skill points |?

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