0.9.13l Patch Notes

GrimJahk wrote:
Coldet wrote:
I still feel the need for chat hot keys.

currently "Shift"+"Enter" = Global
"Ctrl"+ Enter" = Whisper

Nothing for party - Which is the MOST important of them all.

Also: Not related to chat. Please we need some indication in the social panel of where your friends are playing. As it currently stands you can see which friends are online, in which difficulty and map. BUT, there is no indication in which league they are playing.


If you Shift-enter while global chat is checked "off" it forces the changed state and shows you global chat.

If you Force Trade chat with "$ xxxtext" it turns on the trade channel but still shows the Check box as checked to hide trade chat.

This is fixed in the next patch.
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I never agree with removing options, especially when you are leaving it in the .ini file. It just begs the question, why remove it from options at all? We'll see though.
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Chris wrote:

This is fixed in the next patch.

Amazing as usual ;-)

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Removed the UI option for "Filter White Items". We have solved most of the item spam issues that led to this being introduced and we feel it's very bad for the game. Players who are using it are missing out on valuable white items. The setting is still in the config file if you want to use it.

I can't understand why u removed this option? In my opinion it was very useful for party play, while u are lvling , cuz u only see the "good" items. It is essential by killing bosses with a party, cuz we don't have a useful lootsystem for Party, and with all the white items are sorted out u see faster Orbs, yellow and orange items instead of getting flashed by tons of white items on the screen. And if i want to see white items i can still hold ALT-key.

Added trade chat...

Really thanks for it ^^

PS: I am not a native speaker , so my english is maybe not the best ,but i try it ^^
ekhowl wrote:
Chris wrote:
ekhowl wrote:
Is it intended that instances now seem to last 45 minutes instead of the old 8-15min?

I am very surprised you noticed it that quickly. It's just because we have spare server capacity at the moment.

Hehe, I can't take all the credit myself, as there were several people in the global chat who were wondering about this. :-)

So, it's going to be toned down to the more usual timeframe eventually? I was super happy to see the 45min myself, as I have this habit of taking extensive afk's! Very glad to hear about the spare server capacity.

We just set it temporarily. We have enough server capacity right now for 50,000 players (for open beta) but we only have 3,000 players online.

We are considering serializing the state of instances to disk at some point, which would allow us to have instances that last an hour or more. This isn't a change that will be coming soon though.
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Whats up with the server/client lag when people post multiple items in chat?
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Eh, dunno if this is mostly k or l, but sweet lord, 2.4gb? How much of this do I actually have to download?
Hahaha, yes yes yes yes
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Flab, that doesn't sound right to me, k and l were just a dozen or so meg tops. Maybe something got deleted?
the game community seems empty with the new chat system. like from a crowded server to a server with no one

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