1.0.1 Patch Notes

Just looked at my char and saw that after 1.0.1 I won't be able to use any of gems (Enduring Cry, Molten Shell, Decoy Totem, Immortal Call, Temporal Chains) supported by CwDT! I will need to take it to 18th level! Hilarious shit, developers! "Thank" you.
Vorthaz wrote:
Ausgelebt wrote:
and what do people now do that have codtlvl 1 linked to lvl 18+gems? spend 23828932 currency ffor scourings or what?

They do what they did before cast when dmg taken even existed?

I started this game 2 weeks ago, I spent lots of currecny to get codt with the defensive stuff linked to it which is now useless.
Really disappointing to see how this CoDT situation was handled.

It was obviously never really tested before release.

Players get attached to it and then it gets nerfed.

Players badmouth GGG and their product.

I was one of the players who initially wanted this thing changed but it should of been changed the Monday after release so that players would not become as attached to it as they would be after using it for nearly 3 weeks and making builds around it.

I'm still glad that it was changed and that it'll take more skill to play the game but the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I agree with you completely, they should have made a huge change first and then changed it again to whatever they felt better with. Now people are crying how their beloved cakewalk build aint facerolling no more.
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Chris wrote:
A fair number of people are misunderstanding the change to Cast when Damage Taken. A level 1 CwDT gem can support higher than level 1 versions of other gems. It's the level requirement that is checked, not the actual level.

We've tested many, many builds with this change and most characters still gain a lot of benefit from the skill. We'll keep an eye on how it performs after the patch hits and will adjust balance further (the damage thresholds, potentially) based on data.


Remember when you said that BM builds are stronger than ever before?

Changed your mind, after all, ha?
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Great, now I can toss my character right into the trash bin thanks to the cast when damage taken change. Don't release it if you're going to completely change how the gem works a few weeks later. How are we supposed to create builds if we can't rely on skills staying at least roughly the same?
Vorthaz wrote:
Ausgelebt wrote:
and what do people now do that have codtlvl 1 linked to lvl 18+gems? spend 23828932 currency ffor scourings or what?

They do what they did before cast when dmg taken even existed?

Will you give me 200 chromes so I can set up my links again to support faster cast+reduced mana+skill gems now link to cotd?
Playing Invasion.
Mr_Bill wrote:
Your rapid fire content patches are biting you in the ass and tearing down a great reputation that you built up over the course of the Betas.

You really need to rethink your patch/content strategy now that we are in release.

I agree with this.

On one hand, GGG is staying on the ball with getting fixes and new content out but I think sometimes they need to take one step back and really assess everything and take their time to do it right the first time. (Measure twice, cut once type approach)

The whole new skill gem every 1-2 week idea from early in the open beta thing comes to mind .. it's good to make ambitious plans for the game but not if you can't actually follow through on them.

Regardless of the direction this thread goes and all the negativity coming your way, you still have a LOT of very dedicated and happy players who appreciate all the hard work you guys put into your product. Keep it up.
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is the "right click duel choice" here in this patch?
The CwdT gem is quite strong, but to me it was just very convenient. Recasting enduring cry and molten shell over and over is just tedious and annoying. I guess ill go back to before the gem where i cast enduring cry only when dealing with high damage mobs and just not use molten shell.
Nerfing Gear Games, thanks for your generous nerfing efforts. Will continue playing (мыши плакали, кололись, но продолжали жевать кактус - forgive my Russian joke, don't know English equivalent), but I'm getting more and more annoyed with every patch.
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