[0.9.13] Kripparrian's Bow Templar Build

I like to see Kripparrian's Bow Templar build. When he was streaming and opened the passive skill screen I was able to make some screen shots but I am missing some nodes in the south west corner of the build (Resolute Technique). I guess the rest im pretty complete.

Anyone can help out?


Can anyone add the skills / buffs he is using?

is the basic build

from that you can get more life, double curse, double totem, or the second body and soul ring.

At high level I planned to get all but the life, but seeing as I got 1 shotted today I may rethink that a little.

Lightning Arrow
+ Lesser Multiple Projectiles (or Greater if you want)
+ Chain
+ Weapon Elemental Dmg (optional)

If I had a fifth, I would probably go with Lightning Penetration, or reduced mana cost and just level up LA more.

The idea of the build is that you have insanely stacked shocked targets, and you dont need to crit to do it!

Wrath, Anger, Discipline, Clarity, Purity, Grace

I have 300 mana left @76mana/s with only 3 of the auras using reduced mana cost. The plan was to get reduced mana on all of them and maybe blood magic 1 or 2 so I can also use Determination.

Still testing the build, but overall its my favourite
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Thanks for the fast reply Kripp.

Could you outline the order roughly? Just a simple north/south first, I didn't manage to see you playing the build early on so I don't know the evolution of it exactly.

Looks a lot more fun than my 2h-Tankrauder which is a bit zzZz
Hey Kripp, could you make a video explaining this build in depth? I'm sure we all would appreciate this kind of stuff.
Dear Kripparrian,

I would second the request for videos explaining PoE builds.

Would also like to request videos of you shaving with razer instead of clippers.


whats with elemental equilibrium?
Great looking build, I do have a pair of questions regarding your choices and hopefully you or someone else could answer them as I am making something similar.

Firstly, why did you skip the Elementalist node (+10 Int, +10 Ele-dmg) on the Left side of the Templar starting area? You would only need to spend 1 more +10 int to reach it.

Also, is there a reason you are not picking up Iron Grip? I know this is an elemental damage build but lightning arrow is 50% of your physical damage I thought, and making all the strength nodes apply to projectile damage should be great for a build like this. Wouldn't it?


I had not considered Eldrich Battery before, but for aura stacking that makes a ton of sense.

Anyone feel free to answer and let me know if my two questions about the passives would be improvements or if I am just missing something.

my lightning arrow does something around 8-15 damage with my really good thicket bow. The physical damage is so low because projectiles+chain diminishes it greatly. As such, Iron grip's benefit would be very small.

The int stat in my build becomes almost useless. So using 2 points to get 20 int 10 elemental damage seems weak as elemental damage bonuses stack additively.
Thanks for posting your build. I've just picked up the game. Soooo hard to decide what type of class to play. I've rerolled about 10 times already. Think I'll reroll again and give this a burst.

Quick question - why do you pick up the early AOE nodes? I can't figure out which of your skills I've seen u use on your stream are benefited by the AOE nodes. Auras?

lightning arrow benefits from aoe.

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