Garena will publish Path of Exile in Southeast Asia

We are extremely excited about this partnership for two reasons.
  • Firstly, Garena is an excellent publisher for these regions. They handle games like League of Legends in many territories and do a great job.
  • Secondly, Garena understand that we have existing users who play in territories that Garena will represent us in, and that those users may continue to want to play on the worldwide realm that we control. These users will not be IP restricted - they'll be able to continue playing Path of Exile on our servers just like they do right now.

We expect that this partnership will both expose millions more gamers to Path of Exile but also introduce them to a version that is appropriate for the culture and language of their territory. With the revenue of this new audience being added to our existing development budget, we anticipate that this will benefit the global Path of Exile community. We will be able to expand Path of Exile even faster, adding more content and features while bringing it to a larger audience.
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Good work, guys!
Also... first page?!??! WTF?!?!
But for reals, exciting news. And I'm glad you chose a publisher that can handle it.
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Having played since closed beta this news is amazing this game is going off!!!

Great news GGG
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great news!

taking over the world step by step.
Vry cool guys. I'm so glad for you. You have worked SO HARD from the ground up as a no name company and now have worldwide recognition as one of the best new games, some of the best costomer service, some of the best community interaction, and an international partnerships with amazing companies. Be proud of your accomplishments!!!
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You sure it's wise to do that? While yes, Garena is one of the better candidate for the region, but they are not exactly that good either. I fear that their servers will be much more unstable than the current Singapore Gateway. As evident from their League of Legends server.

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