1.0.0d Patch Notes

A couple small complaints (about a game I love).

1. Notification are annoying- please allow us to move and/or disable them.

Reasons: They appear over things I actually need to see, like items I'm inspecting. Also, I don't need notifications for my friends getting on/off of the game. I'd love to disable this. Especially because some of my friends switch chars often.

2. If you try to summon weapons and you use alt to target items, the spell will not work unless equipped to a mouse button.
pls fix the dominus fight!
haloja wrote:
south america server pls

agree with this... from argentina don't have nothing over 200.... for ping.. but if you add a server in latin america I can leave my place in america/europe server =)

Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it
haloja wrote:
south america server pls

That indeed would be great... but I doubt they have the number of players needed to justify the investment.
Hello im currently trying to launch the game client and I keep getting that its connecting for about5-10 seconds with a bar and a green loading symbol going across. after some time it says unable to connect to patching server. I have tried to run as admin and I've allowed all admin permission to run the game and allowed it through my avast and windows firewall settings. nothing so far is helping or working and I've found no other answers. please help. thanks
What was the rejuvenation totem missing? Was it concentrated effect? I tried that once and confirmed it did nothing. Is there anything else that now makes it stronger? (It's a big part of my build already, so I buff would be great)
Hi Chris,

there's a huge client crash problem with the Dominus boss fight since day one of release.
there are many threads about the issue in both Technical Support and Bug Reports forums, so I assume you and the rest of the guys already know about it.
I also PM'd a few team members, and sent an email to support about it, with a proposed solution.

I can't complete the game no matter what character I pick and in what league.
the client just crashes.

I managed to somehow beat Dominus at release day - despite multiple crashes - but the game crashed again when he died, and I was unable to load that area successfully since.
needless to say, I couldn't complete the quest itself and remained stuck in Normal with that character.

please, tell me this is still a priority for you guys after this patch.
I'm just frustrated now, reading the patch notes.
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Shadow: That was fun
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Put feedback in the feedback section of the forums. Digging through countless "OMG desync" and "Dominus broken!" posts just to get the meat of the information is a bit of a pain. If you look in the feedback section, almost all of these issues are known and being addressed.

GGG reads that stuff, and they do a good job communicating.
well, there's this huge thread in Bug Reports for example:
GGG staff responses included.

and that's just one in a million.

I actually went ahead and wrote Chris a direct email just now, describing the issue - but I'm sure they are aware of it.

my only question is, is this still a priority?
are they working on a solution to what is - to me at least - the #1 issue in Path Of Exile since release?

I'm not a "FIX THIS NAU!" kind of guy.
as a coder, I know these things take time. especially given the magnitude of the problem.

all I need to know is, this is on their schedule?
Alva: I'm sweating like a hog in heat
Shadow: That was fun
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Diggory wrote:
Any word about the Dominus crashes?

Yes please fix this lots of people are having this problem

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