1.0.0d Patch Notes

Nice :)
You have also fixed text formatting when browsing inventory, thanks for this!
Standard IGN is Exiliero.
Khastro wrote:
I dont want to sound rude, but GGG what the hell are you installing on my computer here?

i mean really your game is absolutely great - but: could you please explain why 8 bugfixes - none really to do with graphics or sound - need around 165 MB (actually i downloaded more according to a traffic tracker) to download?

The skill tree itself is 165Mb!!!!

Hopefully there won't be much changes to the skill tree in the future... :^P

Also, great patch! The text formatting is now OK! ;)
My wishlist: Hi-res digital artbook
Allow spaces in character names
Vulkan and Linux support
Opensource the game
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that dominus crash bug need a fix! :/
forever in normal mode <.<
Saving the world, one mob at a time.
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i left out the skill @the claw group, and now i have to allocate that point - nevertheless i am missing another point since all skills were resetted. yesterday my last skilled point was "soul raker", now i have to skill "claw damage and accuracy" in the fixed area, but i am missing 2 points in my last skilled area, my "soul raker" AND its requirement "claw damage and attack speed".

i skilled it new three times, don't get it where this point is allocated now.
Sailorhudin wrote:
Diggory wrote:
Any word about the Dominus crashes?

thats all nice and good (especialy the aura thing for me) but the dominus crashes are a higher priority if you ask me

Omnyth wrote:
Chris wrote:
Scr3w3dUp wrote:
Nothing about the Dominus area disconnect thingy ? :(

We deploy fixes once they are ready and also tested heavily. That one isn't yet, sorry!

Well, not to be rude, but you think that this one would be a major priority or something. But, what do I know, I just play video games or something. lol

You're assuming they don't treat it at high priority, it didn't occur to you it could simply be harder to fix than the other bugs?
Yeah for not having to recast auras every time I zone.

Never straight up crashed on Dominus but have crashed several times during loading a zone (including one time when dying to Dominus and going back to town).
If we have falcon claws before the patch, do we still have it afterwards or is it fixed to be on the first passive in the group?
For me the game crashed on the credits after the Dominus fight... I didn't get to see my name in the credits list... =(

Would be good if this game had a "view credits" option somewhere, like many other games have.
Fixed a bug where auras would need to be recast when changing areas to gain the bonuses of passive skills that affect them.

Thank you, that was driving me crazy.

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