1.0.0d Patch Notes

The crashes comes from ur Computer since this fight Drains so much ressources had a decent one and lagged there so yea its a bit too much graphics and effect spam in my opinion.
Maybe my new one (bought today) can handle it but i dont think so since the generell stats are the same or better said equal. Dominius first form does Tonnage of dmg while second is weak thats what im more concerd about.

What about Minions do the summoners get finnaly a little push ? All those nukers spectral throw , multistriker, poison arrow, ice wave all got decent dmg but my minions just explode for % of their life to do dmg or be anything thought they fight or do dmg not sucide like terrorists :( ? No matter what i link the dmg and resist isnt good enough to rly fight skelets spam is my only Option since spectre and Zombies are limited to corspes hope we get a bit more love here my minions would be thankfull !

Keep up the good work Chris and GGG team.
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Fixed a bug where monster deaths from Puncture were not awarded as kills correctly.

I can't tell you how happy you made my wife with this one. She was killing boss after boss in Act 3 with her Puncture Kiting Ranger and they were dropping NOTHING! lol keep up the good work guys!
Diggory wrote:
Any word about the Dominus crashes?

I crashed in the Steam version, now I only play the regular version and it don´t crash anymore.
Still this should be a top tier bugfix
SmilingCat wrote:

You're assuming they don't treat it at high priority, it didn't occur to you it could simply be harder to fix than the other bugs?

I know it's frustrating seeing so many people act like GGG isn't working on something as important as the dominus crash, but you have to remember most people have not one clue how software development works. They're just upset that they can't play the game they love and emotions get in the way of patience and logical thinking.

My actual job in the real world is programming. I'm aware of what needs to be done to fix the issue. It shouldn't take this long to fix a problem this gamebreaking. Unless the coders have something better to do... Like fix minor issues like having to recast auras when entering a zone... It was merely a statement of why they would even remotely work on these problems when it appears like an even larger and more gamebreaking error is present.

You know the only way I could get into Dominus? I had to take someone's portal. And that sometimes doesn't even work because your game could crash upon Dominus' death. Yes. This seems like a major priority lol.
haloja wrote:
south america server pls

Probably not enough players in south america...
thx for Dominus crash bug! Standard is happy with new characters( mine included ) -_-
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ok guys I just got a reply from Chris via email.
he says they are working on the Dominus crash issue, and the fix will be deployed as soon as it's ready and tested.

it makes me happy that they are aware of the issue, and taking this seriously.

let's give GGG time to do their thing.
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You really didn't need to harass everybody you could possibly reach you know. It's annoying, and unnecessary since everyone considers crashes significant issues that need to be fixed.
Chris wrote:
Scr3w3dUp wrote:
Nothing about the Dominus area disconnect thingy ? :(

We deploy fixes once they are ready and also tested heavily. That one isn't yet, sorry!

This quote is for all you morons in this thread that apparently missed it the first time.

Have some patience.
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