Disconnect before Dominus fight

amd radeon HD 6520G 512mb

amd quad core A6-3420m

8gb ddr3 ram
Happens to me as well.

Everyting else works fine and then DC as soon as I try to get into Dominus fight.
Crashed once, then it loaded perfectly second time... Until we killed him where I once again disconnected (but not before it freezed the frame long enough for me to see all the loot I was robbed off) and now I've tried running up there 4 times and I get disconnected every time...
Same here on normal
BazzV5 wrote:
Weird disconnect for me too.

It's fine on Alpha but here I can portal to town from the top but not able to return through the same portal.

Instance appears to have crashed.

GA-EP45-UD3P - QX9650 @4Ghz - 8Gb HyperX DDR2 - Gigabyte GTX 470 SOC - Win7

UPDATE: Was able to complete the fight after switching from the OZ gateway to the US one.
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same problem here tried it 5 times and all 5 times instant dc. still stuck on normal.
i dont dc but my fps drops to like 1-5 during dominus fight
i was finally able to enter it. and tbh ... man this fight sucks big time if u dont have an awesome computer. it laggs like crazy and it just sucks.
same here.

it seems to me, that the roof (Dominus) area is considered part of Upper Sceptre Of God.
this means the whole fight and all the stuff going on in it, is done while Upper Sceptre is still in RAM.

perhaps you should make it a separate area (called "roof" or something), with it's own loading screen - just like Upper Sceptre is compared to Sceptre.
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