Disconnect before Dominus fight

The following is my PERSONAL experience and my not be a general help to fix these issues:

PoE was crashy for me since some time. But after the release it runs surprisingly good. Dominus had some lags at entrance and environment change but no crashes so far. And this with my old PC and not the best Internet Connection (EU DSL 2000)
For people with crash symptoms, just out of curiosity:

Where doess your game sit onyour HDD and where is your Swap file on your HDD? Same partitions? Different partitions? I just ask because I have a strange suspect that could explains some of PoE crashes and stuff.
In my case, I had my Swap File onto D: same for the game. No problems the most time but I found out that if PoE crashes my PC (happend a few times), it doesn't show a error message or a bluescreen or even leaves an minidump. Turned out that Windows itself was the issue here. For whatever reason it does not make minidumps (bluescreen memory/kernel dumps, crash reports...) when there is no swap file at C: .
So I made a small Swap file (512MB, more than enough for the minidumps) onto C: besides my big one at D: and now Windows can create propper error handlings.

To come back to the topic, I also suspect, that this swap behaviour could also be cause some Trouble in PoE. I think that if PoE can't write it'S shader cache correctly, it can crash your entire PC. There are many crashes like that here in the forums mentioned.
Thiy is more or less speculation but maybe PoE has not trouble only with disconnects but internal issues that can happen when it loads/writes stuff into/outside of the swap file and/or caches stuff.

So I recommend first to defrag your content.ggpk file to have a clean one (reduces loading, tool for this linked in the forums somehwere) and if you have your swap file onto the game partition or not onto C:, test if this changes anything.

I just write this because since the Release, PoE runs STABLE for me, besides "normal" disconnects here and there. Since I have 2 Swap files, changed some GFX driver and energy saving options and optimiced my Internet connecttion with "TCP Optimizer", PoE didn't crashed anymore.
Before, it even crashed when basicly nothing was going on onto the screen. Now I can be in the heaviest fights and it runs stable.
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Finaly found a way to fix this Dominus fight DC, well @least it works for me... just reinstall the game...yeah, sounds simple, but it worked for me...
This is happening for me too. I have faced Dominus 3 times. Each time I CTD early into the fight. I'm basically stuck in normal for all but 1 character.
I just died to this on a character that was over leveled for the fight and had really nice equipment.

I'm kind of mad that I died, but I didn't learn anything, or get better as a player, I'm just not in nemesis anymore.
died last night on nemesis cruel dominus cuz of a disconnect right before the fight started...
Does this bug still exist or is it fixed? I experienced it right now. I entered the room, killed that flaming guy, went further and then the game crashed. >:( After relogging, my portal was gone, so instance was gone...
And the sad part is that GGG doesnt care :))) GG

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