Disconnect before Dominus fight

Bumping so I can play the game again :P
This bug has got me...to the point of borderline rage-quitting the game....and only a few days ago I said this was the most fun I've had playing an MMORPG in years. please fix.
yeah i've had this same bug, keep crashing every time i get to the dominus map, happened about 10 times so far today and really getting on my nerves now as its a long ass run to the top floor! Please get this fixed asap.
Well now the instance shouldn't crash anymore but I just checked and the blood rain still makes my fps plummet to 40. I mean the game looks nice but it's not exactly Crysis 3, I don't understand why this happens. Can anyone give an explanation?
My lvl 38 scion just dc-ed right as he talked...and dropped to standard league from nemesis..what?
I, too, now crash every time I try to fight Dominus, at the very start of the battle. I had no problem prior to the last patch, and according to the comments on the 1.0.0e patchnotes, I'm not the only one, so obviously whatever you did to fix the problem created another one for some people.

Guess I'm stuck in normal until this is fixed.
Is there another thread where the devs answer on this problem?
you are losing tons of players
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crashed twice last night.

once in a 6 man, the other with just another player, both times it said "operation timed out" in the bottom left corner. both incidients occured after either someone dying and leaving the party, or just dying.

running win7, Nvidia video card, latest drivers, all the windows updates.
running wired ethernet connection, average ping is around 70ms.

It seems for me I just cannot finish this game. I'm a level 77 Ranger and have killed Dominus in a Party 3 times now. Each time the quest says talk to dalia to finish it but when I click on her she only has the goodbye dialog options. If anyone knows a workaround or anything please reply or PM me.

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