1.0.0 Release Patch Notes

The mana cost for all auras except Purity and Clarity has been changed to 60% reservation.


I have used only two aural Determination and Hatred!

Now I can use only one! Many thanks GGG, WELL DONE, KEEP GOING IN THAT WAY!
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Completed 20 Challengesdavros70 wrote:
It seems to work for me. Auras were NEVER intended to be a must have all thing.
They have been BUFFED because of the increased cost (except purity)

You also have NO IDEA about the Mana Reserved Nodes that are in the tree.

If you actually read his post instead of making condescending self-congratulatory shitposts you'd know he was talking about Blood Magic
reducing 60% auras to 15-20% will be possible and efficient for mana, but to run even a single aura on life will be enormously expensive for very little benefit

we do know what the passive nodes are like, there's 4-10% reduced reservation nodes in a few clusters on the tree and a BM-unique notable for 30% less reservation and auras with BM still suck

the good news is that Chris said he intended for BM to be more powerful, so even if it doesn't look that way now it might be soon
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Completed 20 Challengesdavros70 wrote:

And this is relevant how?
Like I've said a dozen times, if it doesnt work on paper, it probably doesnt work in practice.

It seems to work for me. Auras were NEVER intended to be a must have all thing.
They have been BUFFED because of the increased cost (except purity)

You also have NO IDEA about the Mana Reserved Nodes that are in the tree.

Yea, people keep saying that but have no idea what it took to really run all the auras. Auras might not have been designed to be have 5 of them running at the same time but when you make it ridiculously hard to simply run defensive auras, it defeats the purpose.

Like I said before, a BM Build simply running two auras gets a huge penalty to survivability for using....auras designed for survivability.

You're right, I don't know how much they've been buffed by or what kind of nodes are on the tree, however, grinding 60+ Levels just to have a decent amount of survivability from the passive tree doesn't leave much room to waste points to run a few essential auras. Even from a summoner point of view, this change makes no sense.

Completed 18 ChallengesZoen wrote:
So now you end up wasting even more points that would go into defense or utility simply trying to run more than 1 aura that ends up costing more than they did before. That's not a buff, that's still a nerf.

Even if you were to get more than 4k Life, you'd be reserving even more life than before, simply because they're all percentage reservations. Unless Grace adds 5000 Evasion at Lvl 1 and doubles every level, most people aren't going to make the trade-off to waste even MORE points simply to get their auras down to a level that isn't a complete waste of time.
Considering that my Duelist build isn't your typical Duelist, I can afford to give up an extra 100 HP just to maintain Grace. I cannot, however, afford to give up Blood Magic. At all. My build is completely non-viable without it.

Pre-patch, I run Grace and Anger, though I'd happily give up Anger because as I said previously, it's barely a solid enough DPS boost to warrant its long-term use. If I had the intelligence for it and could manage it, I'd get much more benefit running Hatred, even if it is only level 1. However, for my Duelist build, defense is a lot more important than damage.

You're right, defensive auras are a lot more important than offensive ones. Even if you wanted to run defensive auras, you're greatly hindered. You'd be lucky to run 1 aura without a ridiculous life reservation later down the road. Wanted to add in Determination or Purity? Not anymore.

So many people crying cus they will have to wait for someone to make a new build for them to copy :(

So many people with nothing to say spamming the thread with no feedback or information.
FYI small typos:

1) coverted instead of converted.

Nemesis: Nemesis is a Hardcore league (characters who die are coverted to Standard characters).

2) Office instead of Officer

There are three membership tiers - Leader, Office and Member.
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Guys...i dont wanna be an ass,the new updates and balances look great but,is LAGG going to be FIXED?(including lagg on hit,desync problems)or else i still wont play sorry.....
So many people crying cus they will have to wait for someone to make a new build for them to copy :(

Hahahaha!!! Sad but true! +1
A petition has been formed in regards to Legacy items. If any of you are interested, please contribute by placing your votes. I have had no sleep today, and I will continue to stay up without sleep to check out the thread. I really care about this gaming community, and I am willing to step out of my own shoes to try and put myself into a position where I can understand all sides as objectively as possible. I have legacy items, and I would be the type of person to benefit immensely from certain changes. At first I was one of those people who wants to retain their wealth or invested time, but after seeing things from the point of view of others within the majority of my guild and a good portion of the general public, I put aside my own selfish human nature, and I try to approach the situation with the intention of doing what's utilitarian. In the end I realize that playing this type of game is, in part, about the experience achieved through the aspect of 'otherness'. It's not about one person or one group, but it's about the whole, so if you really feel you need a place to voice your opinion, feel free to do so here:
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The Resplendent mod can no longer spawn on shields.

no energyshield increase? haha... really?
New notable is only 30% reduced mana reservation.

I'm a bit worried:|

Edit: btw, kripp is showing the new skill tree, the middle is nicely connected, even though I can't see VP anywhere near the center
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60% wawa weeewa that's crazy
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