0.11.6g Patch Notes

keep up the good work!
rubystar09 wrote:
So what is it that your not telling us?

^ This made me lol.
I love pie.
And now nerfing the countdown timer. Do you have any soul?
they aren't telling you that there are invisible trigger files in this patch to make release easier on all current players, so instead of downloading the full thing in 2 days, you download half now and the triggering half later!

(joking, don't know, but if i had a huge release coming this is what i would do to ease strain on servers)
Thank you for the fast fix! :D

Everyone that wants to know more about the bug can check out the thread in the bug report forum:
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Thank you so much chris for the fix ! Glad my thread about it in pvp section as well as the one in bug section paid out !
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Keep it coming , cant wait only a few days now
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My wife now plays Xbox Poe, shes clearly more skilled than you :)
Completed 15 ChallengesKiffenn wrote:
how broken? :D

Put it this way... a linked Bear Trap could kill MERC Vaal with 3 traps.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."
LOL they also ninja nerfed kaom's! GGGGGGGG
This patch brought me back to PoE.

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