0.11.6g Patch Notes

bretty good patch, more like this pls
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pretty late fix i must say....That guy in the video running full magic find gear on a 5 link white wep with only bear trap added cold dmg and cold to fire and 3 shots vaal in merciless....How many players made hundreds of exalts out of this exploit?Screw all the legit players that farm for 1000x hours to get there gear....And i was wondering were that guy had a stack of mirrors or players in my list linking me items once every few minutes or players telling me they make x exalts per day...And me who play @ 10 hours every day for almost 1 year and i barely have gear worth 100-150 exalts....Sometimes i wish i was a scumbag scammer or a hacker or exploit fan cuz i see more and more every day,they live a long and wonderfull life in games.Sux to be a legit player i tell you that....
this couldn't have been merged into the release patch?
expecting at least 2 immediate follow-up patches after 1.0 as well
what a waste of time
If you're leaving PoE, chances are I'll rezz you as my minion! MWHAHAHAH
It's a stupid twitch chat meme.

and frequently used by children.
I've discovered the bug just yesterday and already fixed. GGG is fast, I wish htey are also that fast in fixing performance issues, lags/de-syncs and all the other stuff players continuously mention. ;)

How long was this bug around actualy? Never read about it before. Was it introduced with newer patches or in since Open Beta?
Does GGG ever release details about how they fix issues? I saw this bug in action yesterday and I was quite confused how it was possible, actually.

As a programmer, I can't help but wonder what the code was before/after this fix!

Glad it's been fixed before release!!
ded gaem.

woops wrong game.
what exactly did you guys change on the website? and the timer countdown looks like the exact same time it was before? really confused..

edit: nvm i just figured out it was client timer. not the website timer. my bad. still want to know exactly what the fix on the website was :) cause there are alot of different things they could do to make the website better. like adding act 3 monsters to the monster page. and having lore on each monster or something.. idk just random ideas of mine :)

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Chris wrote:

What does Kappa mean? I keep seeing it.

I think Kappa mean NOT, like whatever was said, and followed by Kappa was not true....
Like if someone types, You are the best, (kappa),they mean you are NOT the best. :P
I know that this is kind of necro, but didn't see an answer yet!!
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