Multiple Projectile Voidbearers

Are these really fair? Level 68, 3.4k health, 77% resists, died in half a second to a pack of these. No desync or lag, just dead before I could possibly react. Think I'm done here for a while...
That the multiple projectiles stack is the problem. They use the same fire as Flame totems.. it makes them seriously OP IMHO... I dont know why they decided to do this or if its a glitch.

Anyways.. my solution so far has been AA. My witches can stand in voidbearer fire and still regen shields. Of course Im upto 177.7 mana regen per tick and its been a pain to get this far... but its still a solution.
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There are a LOT of really cheap ass enemies in this game, but you're just going to get flamed for pointing it out. I just suck it up and deal with it, and stay the hell out of HC/ONS. If I got one hit by something like that in HC, I'd probably rage quit too.
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Ah yes, another victim of the infamous 'shotgunning' that goes on in this game far too much for enemies and their projectiles. Only bone players get for this brokenness is using Freezing Pulse, but otherwise we can't participate with it too much, and a lot worse for melee to have to deal with.
High damage + high life leech will down them fast enough. 12-15k DPS and 12% life leech does it for me, although I can't stand there and tank the hits, nor can I survive more than 4-5 of them at once. If there's a rare VB I try to lure it or the others away.

It's strong, definitely, but it's manageable.
Conversion traps - bring popcorn and enjoy the show :-D
But if they get nerfed, what will keep me awake in the docks?
sry ive seen godly and godlys dont lose hp wich wuold pretty much be a smiter with life tap
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you should really meet the Unique Voidbearer map boss then.
dead in 5 seconds unless your resists are at truly ridiculous levels (see Inexium's 103 thread).

I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it again: when your monsters/bosses lack good AI and you lack the creativity to give most of them more than 1-2 attacks, the only way to make them "hardcore" is make them 1-shot the **** out of you.
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B2BigAl wrote:
but you're just going to get flamed for pointing it out.

Apparently, they already did get "flamed" which was the whole problem ;)
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Split them up, fight them at a distance if possible

Just because something can kill you in a fairly reliable way does not mean it is over powered

Voidbearers have pretty stupid ai, they have to stand still and commit to their attacks, moving in a wide circle around them and being opportunistic tends to help a bit

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