The Infernal Blow HEAVY METAL Marauder - Build Guide (1.1 Updated!)

I'm 55 but have saved up 7 passive points i'm not sure which direction go first.

Current Skill Tree:

Option 1: Work my way to Iron Reflexes then, Unwavering Stance. Downside is i'm not ready to run Grace yet as i'm still using Blood Magic.

Option 2: Work my way to the Diamond Skin under Master of the Arena taking the str, life, regen, and dex nodes on the way. After taking the Diamond Skin work my way to Iron Reflexes, then Unwavering Stance.

Any input is appreciated.
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Good build
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ShakkaFL wrote:
2H weapons seem to have way more dps than before 1.0, is Marohi Erqi really what we should aim for when it comes to weapons?...

Hey, I was going to ask the same question as well. Personally, can't stand the low attack speed + multistrike combo because of the lags. Level 75 atm, mostly doing piety run and just started on a few maps. Still wondering is it worth it to spend the extra on get the Marohi Erqi.

Using this

Also is it worth using an exalt on this weapon?
Awesome build.
Also I found out that using flicker strike(+ multistrike + melle splash + added physical) and few life leech items u can easily solo dominus, on second phase just swap flicker strike with heavy strike and finish him.
I proposed a similar build; but for nemesis char !! You can find it here :

And here is a resumé :

274% increased maximum Life
92 to maximum Life
34% increased maximum Energy Shield
4.4% of Life Regenerated per Second
2% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life

175% increased Armour
24% increased Evasion Rating and Armour
42% to all Elemental Resistances

78% increased Physical Damage with Maces
50% increased Melee Physical Damage
You take 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
18% increased Physical Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons
21% increased Attack Speed
12% increased Physical Damage
10% increased Accuracy Rating
8% increased Area Damage
2% increased Movement Speed
ign : Orbist_Lightning
Would this be considered a noob friendly guide?
I have made an Axe version of this build here
Could I persuade any of you guys who knows your stuff to come and give some critique? What will work and what won't?
What should I do instead etc ...
Up to 61 on Nemesis HC using this build, really enjoying it so far!
To deal with elemental reflect / double reflect, what if you did something like Cast on Damage Taken + Arctic Armor + Blood Magic? There were similar concerns on this thread:

Level 19 Arctic Armor negates 171 fire damage and assuming 75% fire resist and 18% elemental reflect, then you'd have to deal more than 171/(0.25 * 0.18) = 3800 damage per hit for it to affect you. In that thread, it required that you did that much per fireball for it to even affect you. What I'm wondering is that with the explosion splash from IB, I'm guessing that the damage dealt to surrounding targets is recalculated per target, so you should get the damage reduction for each individual target. That, combined with Life Leech or Life on Hit, would go a long way to mitigating if not negating elemental reflect.
hey i want know will it be ok to pick axe and not a mace?

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