0.9.12 Information and Incomplete Patch Notes (Updated)

Can superior items have the keyword 'Superior' in bold or another color than white?

Wraith Axe <=
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So is the braindead AI of minions going to get fixed or not (the running off issue in particular)?
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This game just gets better and better!

With the new missions (new npc) or the missions that now give a passive point, what happens to us that have already completed all the quests already and are now at the end of merciless?

Do we have to start over? or can we go back and do these missions individually?

Many thanks.
Chris wrote:
a lot of nice announcements

...a lot of things to update in the wiki ^^

Added a new Keystone Passive Skill - Ghost Reaver: Leech Energy Shield instead of Life.

sounds a bit strange/of limited use - as I assume its only possible to "leech" ES from monsters that have ES?

The quest in the Chamber of Sins now involves rescuing Helena, a new NPC.
Added a bridging quest to send people towards Act Two after they leave the prison. In return for unblocking the passage between the two acts, you are rewarded with a Passive Skill point.
The Great White Beast has been moved to the Cave in the Old Fields. A quest has been added to slay this beast.

How will these new quests be handled if a char has already "solved" them? (the last quest of course only matters if there is a reward for it)

Looking forward heavily to the new patch - even as I'll be out on a festival weekend on its impact (if it arrives "in time")! ^^
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Making minions transfer between areas with you

Now if we could just get aura's to do the same i'd be happy
Your "fixing" alot of things that blizzard has made mistakes on with diablo 3. Like your currency solution.

With finding items based on item quality of your gear, basically is the same mechanic as Diablo 3's magic find... Problem being that people rather gear for item quality to get good items to trade instead of gearing for effective play... meaning that high item quality is better than good item stats. Which i don't think should be the case.
Diablo 3 has introduced the Paragon leveling system to counter this.
So just make sure POE learns from this mistake by blizzard. And doesn't repeat it.
Nothing about the new evasion mechanic. Is this still coming at some point?
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So the new screenshot also shows another unique and more of act 3. sweet!
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So no character wipe when 0.9.12 comes out?
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Does life leech still have a 20% max life cap per second with the Vaal Pact passive?

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