0.9.12 Information and Incomplete Patch Notes (Updated)

If you use auras like Hatred, Wrath, etc yes but my HC Tank Templar summoner only uses discipline. It's far slower than it was before the patch.

Also leveling such a summoner increased the time of weakness from 28 levels to 32 levels the passage award and refunding(luckily only 3 skills needed) included. :/

I guess I will level Totem and Aura gems on the switch tab with my other characters and then sacrife some life nodes for reduced mana cost nodes.
bredin wrote:
Just seen the new passive map:

Damn it looks pretty!

Nice work guys ;)

I guess no second totem for my witch, now that the minion node doesnt flow to the outer highway lol


Well, crits are pretty nice
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If the new passive tree is out, does that mean update is imminent? I remember Chris saying that the passives tree is pulled from the current game data or something similar.
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Completed 9 ChallengesAklyon wrote:
If the new passive tree is out, does that mean update is imminent? I remember Chris saying that the passives tree is pulled from the current game data or something similar.

9.12 is up.

I thought I had until tomorrow to add up all of my old builds total life/damage/etc passives to compare against 9.12 rebuilds. *sigh*
New passive tree planer is out.
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nice job guys
Im only using discipline, might add anger/wrath since its also quite cheap: when linked to reduced mana gem.

it does lead me to a question tho, for those that know: Whats the max sockets on a shield? 3? or 4?

im now using skeleton on a totem, since they become free 1000+ mobile damage bombs/crowd control

Losing a totem was a godsend.

I found the zombs to be much more effective, cos they dont run off and vanish, or die at zone changes; meaning the mana cost of maintenance is much lower. It means I can actually use attacking stuff like fireball or fire trap with more frequency, which speeds up the killrate quite nicely.

In addition, I no longer need increased minion speed since they teleport to me if I get to far ahead (phase run), and can drop the totem as soon as I see some bad guys to get the skeles where theyre needed.

Between these two inhancements the summoner really begins to resemble the horde of locusts devouring all in their path... leaving only loot in their wake: like little piles of locust sh..... this happens when you replace minion speed with item quality :)

btw, Ive backed up the build with passives giving 140% incresed mana regen, mainly to pay the zombie upkeep, but now that is so much lower I am so much more attacking.


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Max sockets on shields is 3.

It was a little unexpected, but both of my current characters (critical strike bow ranger and sword dual-wield iron reflexes duelist) have gotten boosts from this patch, the duelist in particular. All of those new semi-notable sword passives really boost my offensive potential (said duelist is still low-level since I'm using him in a party with friends), while the extra Steel Skin roughly makes up for the evasion not applying twice from the Leather and Steel set. And the reworks to some of the critical strike nodes mean my ranger can get more crit strikes in a balanced way, so that while my overall crit from passives drops a little, I can actually invest in my defences a little and get a lot more health (previously, I'd only gotten one Fitness as a defensive passive; I'm currently planning at an extra +60% hp from passives). Looking forward to trying it out.
Chris wrote:
Please wait until you get a chance to play this version of the game before complaining about changes that you don't like. Having said that, this patch doesn't really nerf much.

Just wanted to share a short vid of my "double nerfed" Explosive arrow summoner witch imo illustrate that quote pretty well.


Please GGG, nerf more ! :D

Great job on that patch !

First, no "patch day no play", minion feel more resistant ( IDK the numbers ), the number of minions showed makes it way more fun to play ( no more useless summon ) even if now i have to play with 8 skellys instead of 12 ( feels less swarmy ). And ho man, explosive arrow is sooooo fun now, i love it !

My explosive witch become a full Micheal Bay movie maker ! It makes me want to try a shadow with traps/detonate dead totem/explosive arrow.
Sorry for my English, but i have a trouble to read all topics and want to ask: if i began to play in previous version of a game, what a restrictions for my char will be in v0.9.12?

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