0.9.12 Information and Incomplete Patch Notes (Updated)

Looking forward to this. Especially if minions transferring between areas happens this time, and arrow totems.

It's a shame the other two skills can't get ready in time, but they'll get here eventually. It's exciting to think about what they'll do, even if I end up totally wrong about it. The new keystones look nice as well, Vaal Pact in particular looks like it could be very interesting.
Will the passive skill points awarded from the bridging quest be given out to characters in higher difficulties automatically, or will we need to go back and do the quest in each difficulty to get it?
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good patch, would like to see some better armor though. every armor looks bland especially the helmets
Now THATS how you patch a game.

Very interested to see what you guys have planned for minion improvements.

Also, Ice Shot? My prayers have been answered.
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Thank you!!! Please finish fixing the lack of arrow totems! I desperately want my rain of arrows totem.
awesome patch, really looking forward to the skill tree changes, although it looks like all my life regen passives are gonna get a slight downgrade
Great work, GGG! Can't wait for the next couple patches to hit. So much stuff to look forward to! Also, someone else asked this before, but will higher level toons get the new quest passives that are added? Thanks!
"Added new voice acted character combat sounds that have more personality."

The other changes are pretty cool too I guess.
Chris wrote:
Prevented the passives that add both Armour and Evasion from having a double effect if you have the Iron Reflexes keystone.

Afaik, it goes like this:

Armour with IR = (Armour * (1 + Increased Armour)) + (Evasion * (1 + Increased Evasion + Increased Armour + Dexterity Bonus))

The logical reasoning would be for it to go like this:

Armour with IR = ((Armour + (Evasion * (1 + Increased Evasion + Dexterity Bonus))) * (1 + Increased Armour))

But you guys chose the former so it wouldn't be multiplicative and therefore broken. So how are passives like Leather and Steel bugged while interacting with Iron Reflexes?

The wording you used makes it seem like with the change it will give only one of the two bonuses while Iron Reflexes is active.

Sorry if I'm wrong, I made some testing about this some time ago and also read some posts from Mark about it so I believe the formula is correct.
narbays wrote:
Item quantity should effect what drops INSIDE endgame locations.

Item quantity should NOT effect who can get INTO endgame locations.

Other then that, great patch notes.

I completely agree. This is what we're probably changing it to (in case it was misleading).
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