0.11.2 Patch Notes

Quak3 wrote:
take the low route towards the frenzy charge in duelist area and u can toss the 8% mana node and save a skillpoint ;)

I am going to use the route where Ice Bite is, and the shield block chance nodes before I end up taking out the mana node.
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Twitch integration is a stroke of brilliance!
CI nerf after i just build a CI witch....

typical really......

i wonder what passives i have to give up to get to CI now since its moved.......

Duelists are already gods , why did you have to move CI closer to them instead of Witch ????

666DalmatiaN wrote:
Iron Reflexes now no longer includes your Dexterity bonus to Evasion from your Evasion before it is converted to Armour.

Can't wait to spec into IR + ondars guile on my ranger =)
He has atm 5000 flat evasion and after patch I'm expecting to get at least total 300 dexterity.

This would mean 3000 evasion counting towards evading non-projectile attacks and 6000 evasion towards projectile attacks AND REFLECT :3

Correct me if I'm wrong

IR + ondars guile? wtf? I dont think you get it, the dex bonus is not working on IR, everything else is, it is still evasion = armor and 5% chance to evade

I understood it so that all non-dexterity evasion is converted to armor, leaving small amount of unconverted evasion :o

The wording "IR now no longer includes your dexterity bonus" made me think this.
If it was "IR now ignores dexterity bonus" It'd be clear - if it really works like you said it would :p
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:( still no weapon effect on Facebreakers
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ill never claim to know as much as some others,
but seems like another awesome balance change that will further the overall goal of impossible balance.
still the best devs around imo
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Nerfing again and again? One thing that was interesting when going CI was to be immune to chaos dammage ok, but also the oportunity of have access to ES nodes with high %.

Now and as you made these nodes regulars ones, there is no reason why to go CI anymore except for the chaos dammage. Better keep life + ES and resist to chaos on stuff then.

TBH, Im not really happy by this small nerf, but that's the game, I understand, and it is still nice to see that you're working that hard.
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Great patch but it kinda took longer than I anticipated. (new skills each week thing

I like all the changes, map to maker will make me play high end maps in public with IIR, and twitch add-on should really help the game in many aspects over time.

but here are the things that worry me(on paper at least), I feel that rangers got overbuffed. Now it feels that they now are excel at everything, they are much faster, deal more dmg with generous amounts of acc, and they got tankier too, this is alright if these options are far away from each other giving the player the choice in what to go for, but I doubt it is well thought for end game.

Secondly the nerf on infused shield will have it's huge impact, roughly CI will have ~10% less overall effective ES which IS risky, also lowers ES regen rate by .5 a sec. just slightly nerf ghost reaver or vaal pact instead, it's why people say CI is OP, and now makes it even more the only reason to go CI.. but still change infused shield to 15%+ instead of 12%

But then again, I'm happy overall with the patch <3
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great! CI nerf...hiting on the average players again...somme players might abuse ci but for the most of us stayng alive is very dificult...i mean how many players can aford a 6 linked item amnd somme other above average ci items?..if u play 10-12 h /week is realy realy dificult the ci and life nerfs are prety harsh i realy hope the devs will buff them again..if not im afraid the player base will remain the same and it will drop with time cose no 1 wants to be weak all the time even after spending monts playng...doing nerfs acording and afecting the strongest and most skill players is not a good idea in my opinion.
Another great patch, thank you for your hard work!

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