3.21.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

@Kieren_GGG Could you explain what maximum difficulty means? How do we know when we're there and when we're not? How can i know when i will reach 'maximum difficulty', I don't want to reach it?
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How about making a slot for a item for crucible encounter ? People are not doing the league encounter at all, dont wanna carry stuff around...
League is still shit tbh, It's amazing how no one at GGG thought about how the gameplay loop would look like : it's terrible.

The encounters are cancerous, the rewards non existant and having to do a special shit map to unlock tree on unique items is terrible. It's basically standard if you don't want to check every single shit weapon that drops for a chance of having a sell node

Bad design.
pls fix rage vortex its bug at the moment, you cant see it 90% of the time
Diablo 4 take my money now :)
GGG trolling their customers :) big buffs, only buffs, wow best league ever :)
where are the crucible drops? only geodes? that´s not good enough to interact with once u get your weapon passive. come on ggg
First time I've spent money on this game again after several years.

Unfortunately I did it before league launch. Guess I got too hyped.

If I'd known how unrewarding and simply boring the league feels this time, I wouldn't have spent 90 bucks.

I like most changes...
But the league mechanic itself feels like a joke and very low effort, compared to Sanctum or most other leagues before. If it was rewarding at all it wouldn't be so bad for most I can imagine, but 0 drops from league mechanic isn't a good decision when loot drops in general is already not that good.

Props tho for giving some love to character classes and skilltree
This patch destroys the game's fps and adds some artifacts(flickering fog).


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Kieren_GGG wrote:
You can now dismiss the unclaimed Kirac's Vault rewards notification with right-click. The notification will reappear when you earn a new reward, or when you next login.

"We allowed you to postpone the FOMO, but you won't be escaping it :)"
okeyy keep the reworks cooking as there are more to be addressed.


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