[3.22] MoM Crit Power Siphon Totem Hierophant

I added myself to poeninja. You can link your account.


Ninja is missing crucible and shock though. The lightning mastery for mana to shock is nuts.

I checked my own numbers. I am currently doing challenges and will probably do ubers at some point. According to my PoB I should be ~30m avg uber boss dps. With good shock effect it would be more. I could use the Lightning Trap setup instead of KB but that maybe just to many buttons. Without Static Blows the shock duration is only 2.6 seconds too.

Atm my biggest issue is that I have no clue what my shock actually is. Everything gets nearly instantly zapped or gets offscreened.

I should take a video on bosses. I focus on the encounter and always forget to look at the shock. With double damage it might be amazing.

@Thailron Your gear is amazing but you really should work at that wand. So much damage to gain. :)

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I really love this Build,

does it stuff pretty good on low Budget and this is my Hiero rightnow.

~ 8 Mio DPS (Return not included) on a Budget lets say 3-5 Div?

But i really struggle with make more with it. I can do T16 Farm and most needed Bosses/Guardians.

And its pretty hard to get away from it i still lvled 2 other Chars and always comeback to this one this seasion its chilly, not Facetank but can take Hits.

Pretty much thank you for this Guide/Build
Dardroth wrote:
Pretty much thank you for this Guide/Build

Cheers mate. (-:
I am now at 39/40 challenges. Only missing Towering Titans.

For the challenge I did: Maven, Cortex, Exarch and Eater. Not deathless of course but I had enough damage to just nuke them from the orbit. Eater took me a second set since he hits like a truck. I tried Uber Shaper and ran out of portals in the last phase. The purple ball phase with zero tank is no fun. :)

This is the first build I have played to have cleared all 7. I did 6 in Sentinel with Seismic Trap poison but Maven proved to be PITA. She was that with this as well, mostly because disabling regen is bad. And she lowers max res so second hits were hard hitting.

But yeah with the lightning coil and as large of a damage one can get with VC, the bosses were easy once I got into rhythm. Ran 11 Mavens and 6 Siruses yesterday and Sirus especially turned out to be far easier fight than I expected. Just that I had to time my Arcane Cloak so that I bursted him down to ignore mechanics.

Іntresting, really intresting! Thinking to respec my "starter" lvl 100 inqisitor to your build because i`m to lazy for run 10 acts again :)

Is 20 divines ok for begining in your opinion?
Icih3 wrote:
Is 20 divines ok for begining in your opinion?

Should be more than plenty. Just start with the red map gear for 1-2 div and work from there. A perfect Piscator wand is amazing and super cheap.
Since my last post, I've been fairly successful with the build, so thank you for the mini-play guide!

This is where I'm currently at: https://pobb.in/7l2uVOWypZKP . I'm just a little lost with where to head next, I know I'm missing a harvest craft for my wand and also crucible passives for both weapons. I'm currently sat with about 21 divines to spend on next my next project, but don't know where to start. I'd say that my wand, shield and maybe abyss jewel on belt and passive tree are priorities, just not sure based on my other gear where I should be looking to optimise. Any suggestions are welcome :)
mr_tom wrote:
This is where I'm currently at: https://pobb.in/7l2uVOWypZKP

Ty. Why is Inc. Duration in your Frenzy setup? I think you switched the wrong gem to the gloves.

Biggest issue: Lack of accuracy. You need to upgrade one of your rings asap.

Both rings have dex which you need only on 1 ring. Get one with a decent chunk of accuracy.

Attack catalysts work on accuracy and elemental damage with attack rolls on rings.

Imo you should replace the belt. You can craft the strength/dexterity suffix. Which would give you 2 skill points back. That way you could keep one of your rings with lower dex rolls. Do not get too much strength. Stay under 100. If the belt has only strength you need high dex on one ring or substitute with jewels.

Other possible upgrades:
* 21/20 Anomalous PS
* 2 good jewels. Imo yours can be easily upgraded (belt+rare one)

After that only one thing would remain. The wand. But that will cost a fortune or you need to get lucky.
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I dont know how you managed to kill uber bosses
I have tried shaper,uber elder,uber exarch and eater and they all oneshot me.
My pob : https://pobb.in/xhAr6CiTpdGd

Even with 46 m dps and double damage,i couldnt scratch half their hp.
I managed to kill uber maven befause she have slow animations or hits.

Uber cortex is impossible except if you jave like 100m dps or a lucky map roll without crit resistance.
Curious how you did it,i even tried with an aurabot and i still die in 1 hit to most mechs.
40/40 but i bought uber carries

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