3.16 Billion DPS Boneshatter Stacker JUGG Physical Immune / 90 Max Res / Transcendence [Videos]

amit_talkin wrote:
That "Mantra of Flames" jewel shows wrong values in POB thats why it shows ridiculous amount of DPS.
It shows "14000 to 40800 fire attck damage per buffs on you" while in reality it is just "5 to 12" maximum.
Not sure this was intended to show fake high dps or just a mistake.

Read the guide and stop talking nonsense.
Each stack of Boneshatter counts as an extra buff. Mantra of Flames got edited to reflect that because PoB does not calculate that.
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will not work on 3.17?
ru_M1cRO wrote:
will not work on 3.17?
nope. Added a cooldown to shade form that doesn’t recover during effect.
CryoTeknix wrote:
if you choose eternity shroud you will eventually die because you will not be able to keep up shadeform 100% of the time. there will come a time where you can't find anyone to hit you. If you are playing this on HC, take the shroud of lightness instead and don't follow this crap guide
this aged poorly
this dosnt work in 3.17? Theres no other way to get phys immune?

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