3.16 Billion DPS Boneshatter Stacker JUGG Physical Immune / 90 Max Res / Transcendence [Videos]

Hey Hey People

zzang here time for another build guide.

WARNING: Massive amounts of cheese included

Too stupid for Maven Memory Game?
Dont worry this build got you covered:

Having Problems tanking Maven Brain Bomb?
No problem look no further this build is it!

Uber Atziri Double Flameblast - So what?

Uber Elder Circle Slam - pfft

Prepare to laugh about game balance like these old geezers do while reading this guide

For who is this build?

This build is for you if you like damage immunity for killing any boss in any aspirational content this game has to offer with billions of DPS. So much dps that it overflows your character sheet and causes random number flickering.

☑ Melee good again
☑ Impress your friends with higher dps
☑ Can actually proc Fortify stacks
☑ Immune to Physical damage
☑ 90 MAX res with Transcendence possible
☑ Millions of life regeneration per second
☑ Solo Delve 6k viable - cheese all content
☑ Carry service your friends their Aul amulets
☑ If there was Simulacurm Wave 300 this build could do it
☑ Relatively low budget for what it does - as of now prices are rising hurry up!


Since release of this guide ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Solo Delve Aul facetank easy game depth: 2285

Solo Delve Ahuatotli (delve Boss) facetank easy game depth: 2387

Solo Delve Kurgal facetank easy game depth: 2306

Solo Delve T3 Azurite 2738 this is how every node looks like:

Simulacrum Wave 30 facetank easy game could go afk to consume:

T19 100% Delirious double beyond, Beast, Harbinger, Elder, Breach (Transcendence variant):

Bonus content: Hall of Grandmasters a walk in the park (Transcendence variant):


Budget Variant:

Alternative is less dps but more fuck up protection (no need Forbidden Rite to trigger self hit during emergency moment):

Most of my gear looks like scuffed chaos rolled pieces of garbage and you are actually right with that! I will explain in the mechanics section whats really important. Curse effect on shield can come from Redeemer nowadays.


In league you will need to use 2*Voices 3 or 2*Voices 1 in best case together with 6 small curse clusters because you have no access to medium curse clusters. This means this build is actually cheaper in standard and has more damage by default due to large cluster jewels LUL - nevertheless people play it in league the No. 1 Delver in Scourge "SolloPoE" is playing this build concept.

Transcendence variant for the big boys:


For Chaos res if needed:




*Note: I had to edit Mantra of Flames for some reason it did not count my buffs from Trauma Stacks.

Big Boy Transcendence variant:



Okay here comes the juicy part. If you expect lots of accurate math then screw that we are going by rough estimations because exact numbers dont make any difference at those big values you will see.

The March of the Legion
In no maximum cheese build those boots are missing. You basically need them to trigger your auras that are each multiplied by Supreme Ego Keystone. Thanks to duration effects those auras will last ~2 minutes.

One of the biggest cheeses ever existed in this game for extend self buff duration and its still here kicking. The key is "Other Effects on Cursed Enemies Expire 40% Slower" - too bad we are considered our own enemy. This effect is reduced to 20% by the other Temporal Chains mod: "50% less effect of curse against players". This means we need a ton of course effect from cluster jewels to get the job done. The goal is to reach roughly ~ 155% curse effect (tree + gear) which is then multiplied by Supre Ego Keystone by 1.5 and ~ 139% increased skill effect duration (tree) on top of 10% more skill effect duration. This is roughly 232% curse effect resulting buffs expiring ~ 66% slower on you. You can further push this with Temp Chains helm enchant but i did not find this necessary. Slot Temp Chains into Rotblood Promise Ring its one of the key items you wont have to worry about Temp Chains anymore as you will have it on yourself permanently.
What this means is that we extend any of our buffs like flaks, Immortal Call, Trauma Stacks and what not by roughly 65-70%.
Then we grab every node of Skill effect Duration on the tree available including the 10% more skill effect duration mastery.

So whats the deal we are slowing ourselves down like hell right?
- No.

The Juggernaut Ascendancy
Unstoppable makes Action Speed not modifiable below base value and gives us protection form the negative slow effect of Temporal Chains without being actually immune to the curse itself so that we can profit from the self buff extension.
Unbreakable provides us with 1.5% of Physical Damage prevented from Hits in the past 10 seconds is Regenerated as Life which is the major part of our instant recovery.
Divine Shield is that little extra buffer we get from having additional energy shield.

Thats very little life regeneration and next to useless how can you..
- Hold your breath bro.

The Trauma Stacks
Divergent Boneshatter provides Trauma Stacks and those give us 4% more damage per Trauma Stack but we also take 238 Physical damage per Trauma Stack. Divergent Boneshatter is important as we benefit from 1% increased Attack Speed per Trauma Stack. Together with skill effect duration and self temporal chains curse effect stacking we have Trauma Stacks that last for probably 60 to 90 seconds (rough estimation im too lazy to calculate it exactly right now). Each Stack increases our Attack speed we are getting expoentially faster and exponentially more dps each hit make sure to have 0 mana cost with Replica Conqueror's Efficiciency and a Minus Mana Cost prefix benchcraft.
Enough time to stack up to 2000 depending on the boss HP and how long the boss survives. With 2000 Trauma Stacks thats 8000% more damage and here comes Mantra of Flames into play. Mantra of Flames provides 5 to 12 Fire Damage to Attacks per Buff on you. YES Trauma Stacks ARE BUFFS. So essentially we gain 10000 to 24000 flat added fire damage which is then multiplied by 8000% MORE damage. But we are also hitting our selves for 476.000 physical damage damage of what we will prevent 100%. So 0.015 * 476.000 times attacks per second Life Regeneration over the last ten seconds. You get the idea.

But hold on we are damaging our selves with 476.000 physical damage per hit - my 90% Physical Damage reduction from character sheet is actually reduced to 0.1% by the armour formular.
- Yes armour and its formular is worthless. We got Shade Form for permanent and 100% physical IMMUNITY.

The Shade Form
Shade Form buff from Replica Eternity Shroud is the last piece of the cheese where everything clicks together and it makes sense. First of all this build is not a mapper its a hardcore boss killer and aspirational content finisher. For Maps you would need to wait each map for a 45 second cooldown (~38 seconds after 20% CDR) to finish before you can activate Shade Form. If GGG fixes that maybe the build will make an actual decent mapper too! :D
So the reason we are stacking Increased Skill Effect Duration, Increased Cooldown Recovery (20% from elevated shaper or crusader Belt this is important!) and Curse Effect for temp chains is to reach longer duration of Shade Form than its actual cooldown. This means we are permanently IMMUNE to physical damage.
Boneshatter constantly bends your arm towards your face to hit yourself and this will trigger Shade Form from Replica Eternity Shroud this item is core and must have for the build.

What if there is no nearby enemy to hit?

I got you covered bro. Use Forbidden Rite to hit yourself out of the air without any enemies required to trigger Shade Form.

The Transcendence

This last paragraph is for big boy budget variant with Transcendence keystone. Its the most broken keystone in the game because it turns the armour formular around for damage calculation. The normal garbo armour formular calculates damage reduction BEFORE flat damage reduction like endurance charges. Transcendence makes you mitigate the elemental damage you receive AFTER maximum resist mitigtation.

Why does this play a big role?

It does not need a high school math degree to know that the result of Transcendence mitigation is much more powerful due to the armour formular resulting in most cases 99% elemtal damage reduction.

Some guy with the name Jesse that i personally had not the pleasure to meet yet came up with the curse stack permanent Shade Form concept.
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Unethical. Well done well done.
Shady build :P
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
( •_•)>⌐■-■
You did even record the stat screen ramping lmao
No words -.-

The concept is really innteresting but this build has already become expensive and given it will be nerfed to non-existence in 2 months - after it got all this exposure - dunno if it is worth a damn for std players. Same as with the armor stacker variant really - or any aura cheese build :)

Anyway gratz for the peerless execution - enjoy it while it last
Was going to call it for this league, but now Jugg it is. I can't miss this one.


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Was going to call it for this league, but now Jugg it is. I can't miss this one.



Glad i could save the league for someone by delivering the fun :D
Just 2 items alone are 50 ex. 100 in standard.
So this build is fun if you have... 500 ex to spend.
Another open shut guide.
OneTwoTimer wrote:
Just 2 items alone are 50 ex. 100 in standard.
So this build is fun if you have... 500 ex to spend.
Another open shut guide.

Really no need for blind hate.

At the time of build creation stuff was dirt cheap but prices exploded with the release of this build on reddit in the last 3 days and probably more than tenfolded ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And even then for what this build does its extremely cheap. No other build beats Aul that easy with eyes closed in any deep depth.

In standard its actually way cheaper than league because you dont need voices at all.
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if you choose eternity shroud you will eventually die because you will not be able to keep up shadeform 100% of the time. there will come a time where you can't find anyone to hit you. If you are playing this on HC, take the shroud of lightness instead and don't follow this crap guide
CryoTeknix wrote:
if you choose eternity shroud you will eventually die because you will not be able to keep up shadeform 100% of the time. there will come a time where you can't find anyone to hit you. If you are playing this on HC, take the shroud of lightness instead and don't follow this crap guide

As you probably did not read the mechanics part at all there it is stated that you can manually trigger Shadeform ANY time with Forbidden Rite it counts as a self hit. Replica Eternity Shroud is the better item with the better stats.
Pretty disingenious post of yours but im used to that. The first page on guides usually contains some malicious persons.

I will add Eternity Shroud as an alternative to the guide though. Thank you for contribution.

Im back to Aul carry services now in deep delve.
Let me know if you have further questions.
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