3.13.1b Hotfix 1

hey how much should we wait for arcane surge fix?
months? its like last leag the totem body uniq......
Same shit, different day.

It was the 27th January when you introduced a patch which rendered your game unplayable to hundreds if not thousands of your player base.

It is STILL unplayable for those players.

Any other game we would have seen this patch reverted, tested/fixed internally then re-released. Instead we sit here talking to deaf ears.

Yes I sit here after another attempt of playing only to be met with CTD as soon as I hit my portal to enter a map. Three times in a row is enough for me.
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My performance was better prior to this hotfix; I guess some textures are being unloaded inappropriately again in order to fix the leak. Also I've gotten 2 complete lock ups since the hotfix.

But the big issue is still that texture streaming still fails to do what it ostensibly is supposed to: have the game still run while a texture is being sent to the GPU. The game hangs instead waiting for it to finish, making for very stuttery gameplay.
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After the fix the game keep crashing to desktop at loading screen... please what i can do??
Ygidua wrote:
Still super long loading times, we went from a second or two to several minutes, plus crashes and dc´s while changing zones.

Just roll back the game to 3.13.1 it was working for most people! Texture streaming must come back to the game it was a wonderful addition that made playing really smooth.

Nobody wants to wait several minutes each time he changes a zone.

I tried again, but the game is unplayable for me in the current state.

To just enter Oriath takes 10 minutes and 3-4 reboots of the game now. Entering a map wastes 1-2 portals as a disconnect happens during the first attempts to enter.

While in a map, lagspikes, freezes (Betrayel, Delerium, Blight) and random disconnects happen. The performance is back to where it was 1 year ago.

I know I dont belong to the 1%, but I see no future for myself unless you roll back both patches or come up with a solution.

POE was so much fun during Heist and the first weeks of ritual, I completely stopped playing WOW, but with the current performance I see no point in even trying to play.

This is my current gameplay experience. The first map is smooth and has no issues and from there its this. My pc isnt great but i had none of these problems in heist.

I think the game is in an amazing state content wise and i really want to enjoy it but its not fun when the gameplay is like a slideshow of legos being thrown at a wall.
feels alot better on my potato, thx
This fixed the memory leak, finally.

So far today PoE runs good.
Its unplayable, Dx11 or Vulkan its impossible to travel in HO or other place, the game freeze and crash

This fix didn't change anything

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Bluescreen when I log in :D I had no issues before other than a little stutter. GTX 1080Ti & Ryzen 2600x

I just playeda regular Lookout map, it dips a lot to 39-50 from 120-147 FPS. So stutter is still there.
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