3.13.1b Hotfix 1

runs a lot better on my pc. prior to this patch i've experienced stutter when attacking the first monster packs

geforce 1050 ti
6gb ram
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my client closes after i enter a city
The game crash after change instance or ty hideout never happens before GJ.
2021/02/03 15:09:10 6724062 eaf [DEBUG Client 13620] Got Instance Details from login server
2021/02/03 15:09:10 6724062 ecc [INFO Client 13620] Just before calling client instance session
2021/02/03 15:09:10 6724062 10e [INFO Client 13620] Connecting to instance server at
2021/02/03 15:09:31 6745109 1c9 [DEBUG Client 13620] Connect time to instance server was 0ms
2021/02/03 15:09:31 6745109 42f [INFO Client 13620] Abnormal disconnect: Failed to connect to instance

Still unplayable. Nice patch.
Could we please get some more info on what you guys actually changed with these two recent patches? I get way better framerates now, so you definitely did something.
Im still having the same problems with crashing but the game looks better
I wasn't even really having performance issues until this patch. I thought something was wrong with my computer until I went into a streamers chat and everyone was complaining about how the recent patch screwed up their performance. I am getting hitching and FPS drops for things as simple as moving around town, had to turn everything completely down graphically to even make it playable.

Fix it.

i7 7760
gtx 1080
16g ram
still crashing >.<
ty for fix!

and as u know bots still ruin economy and its only worse
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This change has increased loading to be a lot longer than it used to be before texture streaming was introduced. An oddity with it too is that when it does load in with the temporary fix, there are times where it still is having to load in assets. Prior to this the texture streaming had textures pop in a bit with their quality but overall everything was good to go in less time.

Taking from 15-20 seconds to load in where it used to take a couple seconds.
Would imagine my system should be able to be up to the task with Raid 0 NVMes.

Glad to hear about the less aggressive unloading, was weird that it seemed to have unloaded some items when just pulling up the passive tree.

I look forward to this being improved and remedied. In the meantime, going to use the load time increase to stretch more and hydrate lol.

System Specs if useful:

Ryzen 7 3800XT
RTX 2080 Super
Raid 0 Evo 970 NVMe x2

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