3.13.1b Hotfix 1

Instance change = crash not every time but like 3 to 5 instance changes = 1 crash. Labirynth impossible to do.
This is the screen I see for more than 30 times during my playtime (around 4 hours).
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Once again changed nothing. More crashes to desktop than ever before. So sad and infuriating .. only PoE causes problems on my pc. Time to uninstall. Fuck this. Maybe next league u'll get a grip on the technical stuff.
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Every league this game is getting worse and worse ! Why ? You have great ideas for the game, but the performance is just bad ! It can not be that I buy a PC 3 months ago for 2.5k euros and I have FPS of 30-40 now with your questionable texture streaming.... wtf ggg. Oneshot mechanics because of lags until waving any invisible mobs. Also QoL, how much more time should I spend writing to people and buying a damn item???? GGG please it's 2021 and we are no longer in the age of D2 or similar. I will leave the fingers of PoE for now, because I have the feeling that this is especially not good for my PC hardware. I hope very much that with PoE 2 such shortcomings can be eliminated, because actually I like PoE, but well otherwise is just time to say goodbye.
Failed to connect to instance - has been happening all league for me, prior to 3.13 I have never had any issues in this regard.

Unfortunately this is quite infuriating since I have not only lost multiple Maven attempts but also unique maps etc.

I am starting to wonder what resources, if any, are being allocated to fixing server stability etc.

Usually I refrain from moaning about this and pulling the "I have spent xxxx Euros" card but it is getting to a point where I do not want to spend any more money on this game. There seems to be an abundance of artists / developers available for designing countless new MTX every league cycle.

Perhaps some of that money should be spent on network and server specialists.

Thank you for your attention.

/rant off

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