[3.22]The Arachnophobia Allstars|100% Chaos Guardian CI|The dirty Scorpion-tail|Herald of Agony 32M

Rickyg32 wrote:
Hi, thanks for the guide its very thorough!

One problem I am having is that I am getting a bit confused on what to upgrade next and it seems that some of the jewels suggested are out of date.

For example the glorious vanity timeless jewel doesn't give the same bonuses as it used to (previous patches?) so that one is useless. The balance of terror is no longer available in league?

Also I got a melding of the flesh but cannot find a way to include it, while also keeping 5 auras up (and PoI) with max resistances.

Could you please identify some gear / jewel / tree improvements I should make next?

I have about 3 div to spare, so the massive upgrades like Auls are a bit out of reach for me now.

My aim for this char is to kill bosses.

I just recently adjusted my tree to get all 6 x pure agony available for the damage and now I can't use tempest shield aura (took away mana reservation points). Maybe I just need to level a bit more?

Vanity is working with right number. My is 3918 as in pob in ths guide. Other ones could work too but now u just can't rolling them by divine orbs :P Just copie paste number to poe trade in the filters like me, and refresh the site a few times per day. I paid 1 divine.

For some balance look pob in guide (choose your version in pob). U can look my pob and profile too. pob in my last post. I've got 5 auras, and 5 pure agony, 85 res cap, and some problems with optimalization too, but Im tanky I think, and damage is enough for beefy expeditions with ill parameters(only a few skips per run).And Im not 100% ailments but I can(boots swap, panteon swap), and I can live with ths atm :/ For damage Think about ths gloves 100% c conv. 5 pure agony is fine with them too for me. But Im noob then ask the expert XD

Guide is so long and there is probably all we need, but just like I said its chaotic in some points :P

And U've got low lvl still. I know its hard after 90 but 6 pure agony is not possible without costs in defence at 91 lvl. If Ure broken killing mobs in 83 heists/grand heist is The idea. I just paid for 94 97 2-3 divines for rota chyula brechtstone, but I had GL ths league. For 1 hoa u can add reservation small one cluster for example, or some medium Uniq with 3good notableskills manareserve max res res.
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Hello. thank you very much for your build, it offered me a goal on standard and a way to finally see end-game bosses and alternative to play after squishy 900 hp MF twink)
here is my planned PoB link, currently i'm lvl 94, missing only some gem levels, gear is finished.
3 questions -
1)anything to change in tree/equipment for farther perfecting without mirror-tier items? is it realy to incorporate higher max resistances with mageblood and current immunities?
2)what skills to change to have still easier gameplay?
3)sometimes i still do see one-shots, no idea why. maybe i should change my armour from MageBane(and try to reach 100% suppress without it) to Iron Reflexes? Also i see some deaths from degen with just 1 rare monster near(just t15 rare map) - how so? don't i have ignite/bleed/corrupted blood/chaos immunity?

alternative version with Iron Reflexes and still capped spell suppression and with Lethe Shade - hope this will help me with Cold Degens(as i'm 80% sure my deaths are from Vortex and other Cold DoT spells).
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i've run out of mana, i can't cast anything and idk why. Could someone help me please?
what i'm missing?

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Is this crucible tree any good?

Which path to take?
can someone help me with my build? i can do sirus(normal) but i am one shot in maps.
i cant run clarity with this build.

here is my pob.

If my atlas strategy is focused more on legions and light delirium, would it be more efficient to go towards the Arakaali variation and take minion unholy might/onslaught, or stick to optimizing the united in dreams.

It's currently feeling like Arakaali is way better for clearing, but i'm not sure what tree in the PoB I should be following, as I do not have much interest in bossing apart from getting the atlas unlocks 1 time.

hi here my pobb im need to advise and help for my build sometimes my hero dies idk why. thanks.

Gear II

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So far i think i have all BIS gear. But checking it in Path of build my DPS seems way short, and i cant quite figure out what i'm missing. Would anyone mind looking it over and seeing what i'm missing. I also had an issue fighting the Exarch the first time. I'm still new to the game, but he would one shot through my ES. Some bosses also one shot me. Especially any that deal fire dmg


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I love this build but I never know where to start, what skilltree use and what kind of equipment to aim first. I mean by a lot of reading I always end with a kind of build similar but not as strong as it could be.
+++ Upcoming [3.22] - Trial of the Ancestors+++

With the rework of the guardian-ascendancy important factors of the Arachnophobiatics will be buffed. Especially the new time of need with 100% es-regeneration will add a big layer of substain against degen an dot.

The new Returning projectiles support will probably be added into the scorpion's default support-set-up in maps.

Our crawler with his unique wide range and ability to oneshot offscreen-mobs will probably be optimal fitting into the league-mechanic-trials.

But there are in the moment no detailed infos about the new guardian-minions sentinel of radiance and elemental relic. So we first have to wait for these datas.

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