[3.13] Aziire's CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist - Maven Ez Clap | Ritual League Starter

Crafted this today after following some of the earlier advice in this thread. First major thing I've ever crafted and couldn't have been luckier towards the end. Total cost was probably somewhere in the 12-15 ex range

Worth noting if you want to do the Extra Phys as Lightning, even if you have Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers, you can still hit phys damage leeched as life if you do Aug Phys with Suffixes full. That said, I just Rem/Add Phys till I hit (1/3rd chance for T1 I believe).

After that you can reforge keep prefixes and hope to hit something good (I got T1 Multi on my second try, 30c each). Then I auged caster for guaranteed cast speed, hit T1 first try.

Currently using +1 to Min Endurance instead of the increase to non-damaging ailments since I like its synergy with Immortal Call, and my damage is already pretty good (this got me up to 27m, about a 28% increase). Also I've had Endurance Charge on Kill on my Boots too so I'm double dipping a bit, but also staying at 2 charges at all times, and sometimes 3.

Not sure what I'm going to move onto next. Could use a new weapon, get something double influenced for gloves (I don't need unnerve, have it from Master of Fear on a Megalomaniac, so I might go Culling + Redeemer for more dodge or global chance to blind on hit), or upgrade belt, though not really sure what route to go there.

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I'm doing some fun mapping with HH. Changed aroudn on the build since my DPS was overwhelming for some more Life. Now I have around 45 mil DPS with 5400 life and 1800 es + headhunter.

I recommend a "real" Elreon ring if you're going to use HH since speed buffs will kill your mana and channeling.

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I followed the original build but a bit confused right now what things i should concentrate on first during the optimisation.

It would be cool if someone could summarise optimisations compared to the original build.

I would also appreciate PoB links =)

thanks in advance ^_^
I have tried to use POB pastebin a ton of times, and maybe this time it worked. If not, apologies https://pastebin.com/FazB0Kch

I'll try to list off the biggest ones that I can think of off the top of my head (this assumes you're sticking with the Hydrosphere CWC Storm Burst, Believers probably has the highest DPS in this thread, but is running strictly Storm Burst now, it's stronger, but I like throwing the orb around).

Concentrated Effect -> Trinity (Anomalous if you can afford it) gives a big damage increase if you can keep resonance at full for all. Checking your damage tooltip in game will let you know if you're going to have max alternate as cold and lightning (i.e., my Storm Burst right now says Cold Damage is 1825-2887 and Lightning is 1614-2569, so I'll definitely hit both at times).

Ice Bite was dropped in favor of a Herald of Ice/Herald of Thunder/Enlighten and whatever works better for you on Hatred/Wrath. I personally use Wrath since it + my Watcher's Eye gives me half of the 50% needed phys damage conversion to lightning to hit 100% (Storm Burst/Hydrosphere do 50% themselves)

Shaper of Storms was dropped for Mastermind of Discord (Hydrosphere build only)

I reworked my tree a bit to lose some of the life nodes below Shaper in return for another thread of hope to the left of Holy Dominion to gain a couple really good passives (order of importance imo: Divine Wrath, Singular Focus, Sanctum of Thought, Divine Judgement)

If you have 2 of Divine Wrath/25% Phys Converted to Lightning on Gloves/Watcher's Eye w/ 25%+, you can drop Stormcharger for some much better boots. I went Elusive/Tailwind/Endurance Charge on Kill but that's a 5-10ex upgrade. You can just go for normal Life/MS/Resists too.

Other big breakpoints are hitting every 0.4s increase in duration for Storm Burst (this was highlighted in the originally, but i broke it down below too)

1.6s = 34% total increased skill effect duration
2.0s = 67%
2.4s = 100%
2.8s = 134%

Exceptional Performance (usually anoint) 25%
Potency of Will and its small passives 45%
Anomalous Storm Burst 10%
Thread of Hope 20%

I know that's an absolute wall of text, feel free to ask here or ping me in game with questions. Cheers!
I would need some advice regarding items choice,


Storm's Hand doesn't seem to add any damage when I look at the tooltip but it's been said many times that converting dmg was great so I'm a bit lost here.

As a side note, I reach 120% increased duration with Misery everlasting, which is not enough for another tier sadly.

I've also looted Disintegrator,
I dunno if it would be better than
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I think Storm's Hand is just converting Wand Attack Damage into Lightning Damage from Phys, not gaining it as global damage. That's my hunch anyway
I never knew Napoleon Dynamite played PoE...
Got tired of rolling the ring, it stays this way.

Mana cost is almost at nothing.

Time to go ES CI!
Hey there. It's my first Char and i love the build.
Still learning a lot about the game und trying to improve, could use some advice on how to go on with the build from now.

https://pastebin.com/ZJbBNnBA (Hope that works.)

Maybe you can give me some hints on what i should aim for next or have ideas for some budget improvements (spent the last week farming to finally get my Inpulsa, guess I'm a poor boy).

Here is what im thinking currently, but I dont know what to prioritize:
-I need only 10% skill duration to hit the next milestone. Could get that with one of the small notes before exceptional performance. Its a long way to get there though. Maybe use another Thread of Hope on the right side, like the CI-ES build last page did?
If i do, what Annointment on the Amulet do I use instead, Heart of Thunder maybe?

-Just got the large Cluster Jewel for the original build. Farming for the two medium ones now. However, some of the latest builds seem to have dropped them. Whats the reason behind this?

-I don't have a Call of the Brotherhood yet. It's quite cheap, but in POB i get negative DPS from it. I dont mean it seems to be worse than my current ring, its actually displayed as being worse than not wearing a ring at all. Is that an error in the calculation?

-I will get Golemancer when i finish the last Lab (soon!) But I'm also thinking about switching Shaper of Storms for Mastermind of Discord.
I like the synergy with Hydrosphere.
However, I'm using Wave of Conviction with Conductivity for bosses and exposure sources dont stack iirc. What are your thoughts on this?

-My Gloves are bad. Unnerve is super expensive. But maybe i can get gloves with the Phys->Lightning Mod (maybe even craft unnerve on that myself, want to try that out). And then I'm free to change my boots aswell as keep the Conversion Cap?

I would love to try out the CI-ES aswell. But i asume it's quite expensive to get the ES high enough?

I know its a lot, sorry. And thanks a lot for any answer!
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An easy answer for getting the 10% skill duration is to buy an Anomalous Storm Burst w/ 20% quality. That will give you the 10% you need to hit the break point without having to rework your tree too much.

Call of the Brotherhood is showing a DPS drop for you because you're using Conductivity as your curse instead of Elemental Weakness. If you're dropping opponents lightning resist but not their cold resist, converting lightning damage to cold damage will result in less damage overall. Just switching it in your POB shows Call being a dps increase.

I personally use Mastermind of Discord and if you do end up switching to it and Elemental Weakness, you might benefit from it. I think it's a bit of preference.

Speaking of, if you want either of my old curse on hit rings with ele weakness, i'm happy to give them to you, as well as one of my old medium clusters. See below, free to a good home.

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