How We're Developing Our Next Expansion Differently

DixuMixu wrote:
damage control by the man himself!

Atlas expansion

and that's what everyone wants to hear! league mechanics that are not tied to the core gameplay of poe, which is mapping, are awful as history has shown

give this man a cookie, he's damn right!
Pls play it first.

Stable run on launch screen and on Act One is not mean much for players, rly. Its 15 min of game play only. The league troubles starting after this usually. League rly needs to be tested on t14+ maps, for sure. With stuff you can naturally drop in game. And after this, if its stable there, after, say, 100 maps and 100 league encounters, and if your sanity and interest is still alive - its ready to release.

Please, listen.
Best wishes!
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Chris, take my energy!
I'm glad there is a plan of action in place to reverse course before its too late. I love PoE and hope its continued success but this has been a very worrisome time. As someone that has invested quite a bit of time and money into it, I really hope this new approach to league production alleviates a lot of the hiccups.
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I realy hope this experiment works , me and my friend are old players we started playing alot in legacy league but to be honest evry league after that we quiet faster & faster , this league i did a few contracts got to maybe act 4 & decided to quit cause it was a buggy mess , I really love this game & hope next expansion will be amazing , best of luck to all of u & stay healthy !!! :)
I love your game! Keep doing what you do. You have the best interest in mind for POE.

To me, Heist has been my favorite league and hope it goes core (even with the initial issues).

I'd hate to see GGG play it "safe" and cutback on possibly great/expansive content and make the game boring.
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Great, Chris!
Keep up a good work!
That thing... it slaughtered everyone. Help me!
I'm excited for these developmental changes, and I sincerely hope they'll pan out for everyone involved; including players!
Honestly, whatever makes your life easier, will result in a better game overall. At this stage of development of the game, I don't really care if the new league doesn't shower us with new content, we have PLENTY to keep our minds busy for while.
These are good news. Thank you Chris.

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