How We're Developing Our Next Expansion Differently

I don't think any reasonable person is gonna be too upset if there are any kinds of delays or hiccups in the future. Yall just stay safe.
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The atlas is terrible, fix or get rid of it.
Thanks for the heads-up!

I felt, the minute i read the Heist announcement, that you wanted to cram all Santa's goodies in 1 bag only. Just the replicas alone felt like quite alot.
The alt quality gems i believe were overkill (i see that we have 4 versions for some gems in poe wiki).

Most importantly though, i think recovering from a potential burnout coupled with holidays will make it safe for next year.

I'm always a fan of PoE and as a dev i know how hard it is to deliver on time all the promisses..even some done without firm ground/asking the dev team for estimations.

Personally, if there's 1 thing i'll remember and liked from Heist, it's the rush you feel when carrying lots of goodies to the exit!
Appreciate the update, Chris. we all can tell that you and your team love the game and want to see it flourish. regardless of how buggy heists have been, I still quite enjoyed playing the league. I'm glad you guys are taking a step back to learn from your mistakes so that going forward you can provide us with the best possible expansions.

I've said it a million times but thank you for existing and creating such a wonderful game. looking forward to seeing what you and the team come up with later this year.

<3 <3 <3
Sounds like a good plan;
Please keep on experimenting with the genre/game though;
and for all that is sacred and holy: never change!

Heist was certainly not bug free nor finished but having a blast with it regardless. (whispers: it's a keeper...)

A word of advise ,if a may, from a grumpy old git: Do not think that the good folks on Reddit are your sole audience.
Part of your audience never lets itself be heard and isn't vocal on the official forum or "other media".

Anyways; waiting patiently and with good hope for 3.13 and beyond :)

thx for the update !
still have fate in you !
With the return of Harvest next league and if Heist goes core, we will have plenty of new stuff to experiment that will keep us very busy. So I think it's the perfect timing to calm down the expansion's content a bit and focus more on polishing, lauching them smoothly and not making the exact same mistakes over and over again (like overtuned damage, visual clunkyness, stupid on-death effects, ultra convoluted mechanics to understand/set up, undertuned drop rates, shitty QOL click intensive/overlay stuff, bugs/crashes etc).

Furthermore, thinner patch notes aren't a problem at all for me as I've never been a huge fan of big overtuned meta shakings. It always sounded a bit artificial to my ears. New ways to create viable characters are much better than basics "hello guys play this !" spotlighnings.

For me the biggest issu with Path of exile is the repetition of the mistakes listed above, to a point that I really can't stand them anymore as they kill the game very quick (especially cause I play the game since the alpha). If GGG manage to settle this, they will surely be in the best spot ever !
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This is all I really wanted, a post from Chris telling us what's going on because Heist League is definitely not GGG's typical quality.

Also, thank-you for treating us like adults and admitting that the lockdown/pandemic wasn't the sole cause. It's definitely a contributing factor, I can only imagine the pressure that puts on the team.

This was a good read and it tells me enough to be excited for PoE again. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

I'm glad the Captain is taking control of the ship again!
Even though the reddit community is super toxic, and provides all sorts of made-up reasons why you guys are fucking up, you still keep what makes and still make you a great company: Honesty.

I do believe this league was way too ambitious, and I understand why the solution is to make it smaller (I guess "quick-wins" league where the things that makes into the league are the ones that takes the least amount of time to do). It would be a good thing to get smaller leagues but with a lot more quality of life fixes for everything else.

But like you guys say... actions are better than words. So I'll definitely wait and see what's coming up. Especially for harvest crafting!

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