How We're Developing Our Next Expansion Differently

Wish you all the best and I hope things will go as planned because this is the best arpg to date with the best community and devs!

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Nice manifesto.
Any information how this will impact the devellopement of PoE 2 ? I guess you can gather more people for it now ?
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Sounds Good! I wish the Team from GGG the best in that hard covid time, stay safe!
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Appreciate the write up, Chris.
What makes me go back to PoE every 3 months isn't the length of the patch notes, rather than the new spin on content or the small bits or stuff added to the core game and of course being able to play the game.
One month into the league and I still get somewhat regular crashes during heists. I feel like I would have enjoyed this mechanic a lot more had it not been for the state of it at launch.
I'm looking forward to a solid league launch that I can play from the beginning and not be jaded by day 2 due to crashes and bugs.

As you guys mentioned, you own my soul and I'm addicted and I think I speak for a lot of us when I say out negativity does not come from a place of hate rather than from worry that the game we love is going in a direction that we see a lot of AAA studios take where numbers are king and customer satisfaction is irrelevant.
My honest feeling is that Creep in general is an issue with the game. With seven+ years of content since Leagues started, there's now really more content in a league than honestly can be accessed. We're already at the point where people design builds around what kind of content they want to experience in the league (Mapping, bossing, Delves, et al).

I honestly think the best solution to this is going to be to have some elements of the game locked during leagues. This would have a two-fold effect, in my mind.

First, it would give more reason for people to play Standard. If you want to experience all of the previous league content, and have the time to do it, you play standard -- you just don't get the new league.

Second, it would trim down the league experience so that the core of the league would be the league mechanic and the base game + end game. You could then have X mechanics from previous leagues, similar to how Zana mods work. SO maybe 3.13 won't have Delve and Incursion, but 3.14 won't have Legion and Heist (if it goes core, as I suspect it will).

Maybe it's more than two. Maybe a league only gets 3-4 of the previous league effects on top of the league itself.

There's simply, in my own personal opinion (and I'm sure a LOT of people will disagree with this) too much content in the game -- as PoE 2 comes out, with more leagues in between now and again, and with the same end game for both games, this problem will only grow in scope.

Now, being honest, I'm not a game designer or programmer or developer. This may not even be REMOTELY feasible of a solution. It may not be -worth- doing. I just think something has to change, especially when it comes to getting new players more involved.
A lot of words but I feel not much has been said. But it's definitely a step in the right direction.

I love this game and look forward to any new content. However, after this league I feel it will take some time and effort from GGG to make me feel excitement without pessimism and doubts.

Mistakes have been made and I can understand that. I make them myself. It's important to learn from them and make the necessary changes.

nice work
It would be really nice if along with the safer leagues, a larger pass on balance / number tweaks was done with each league. Shake up the meta, change the skills.

I imagine this is far safer / faster to do some small number tweaks on skills and uniques than the massive changes required for new leagues, but adds a ton of enjoyment for players that enjoy playing different builds but are not willing to gimp themselves playing something that is an objectively inferior version of another skill/build.

I have been and always will be proud to support this company. Learning from mistakes is a part of life. Don't let some people on this forum and on the subreddit discourage growth and communication with your playerbase. I am excited to see where this game will be in 5 years with Chris at the helm.
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I'm very excited about the game's future and I'm glad you guys keep us up-to-date with the behind-the-scenes.

Question: wouldn't is be possible to do remix leagues? Instead of starting new ideas from scratch, the first or second league of each year could be a remix league. A new take or a continuation of some league, starting from the older ones. So, for example, you could have remix delve or abyss with new bosses, but still keeping the core there.


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