How We're Developing Our Next Expansion Differently

Nice, looking forward to 3.13
Polished (POGGERS) large league, new atlas, in area combat, harvest and some impactful changes!
Sounds juicy!

Thanks for the update.
Nice! finally what i want to hear, more core content instead of no good developed leagues!

You guys know what's best for the game. I think having a goal and sticking to it will be the best going forward.

Looking forward to an atlas expansion! Was really hoping for a war for the atlas to come through and change sirus all up

edit: Also maybe feature pruning would be good for PoE. Such as removing tormented souls or abyss. Can bring them back later and then rotate something else out for them. Could make each core feature sort of like the zana mods. Changes every league and some are awesome for what is core.
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Thanks that you're making the best out of all the negativity and you seem to be focussing on what really matters!

ps. Events/Races soon pls!

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there's no need to release a massive amount of content at once at league launch. just keep adding small stuff over time, this will not only reduce the amount of bugs and complications, but also increase player retention rate over the league
Great stuff!

Looking forward to the 3.13 announcement.

Heist is great btw, too unstable in the beginning week or two but it's a great league overall.
Sounds good!

That said, I am still really enjoying heist.
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quite playable.....

enough said.

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