The Fairgraves Stash Skin Bundle

now add perandus skin pls
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Colour slider when? Mtx design is neat, traditional, but the teal is a big pass.
SppokyVega wrote:
Can you maybe update the Ghostflame Weapon Effect so it can have a similar glowing trail like the newer weapon effects? This thing still costs 220 Points and is graphically outdated. Thx

I have to say, I feel exactly the opposite. Weapon effects with streamer/tracer effects annoy the daylights out of me. To each their own, I suppose.
new mtx buy now!! what about the guy whos hhh dropped in burial chamber's cauldron? wonder if he'd enjoy the new update to stashes.
Yea add perandus next with all the variations!
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Kaere wrote:
nice. now do the mystery boxes chest art as hidout stashes

Pretty please?
Would love a stash reskin set for the following

--Malformation/Carcass "mesenteric capsule" and "necrotic capsule" stash and guild stash, respectively

--Perandus Strongbox stash rehash

--"Nothing to see here, just a totally normal crate, totally not bursting with angry porcupines" strongbox stash

--Bone Zone "Sealed Remains" wall unit with crypt slots and a big drawer labeled "Stash" and another one kitty-corner to it labeled "Guild Stash". Totally movable and interactive wall segment as featured in the Skeletal Hideout, the Ossuary, etc.

--Runcible Rakango Popup Stash - place anywhere in hideout and it will summon a Rakango with many heads when you walk over the ground it's placed over. One head ALWAYS opens at the waypoint (for easy trading) and another head ALWAYS opens next to your map device (for easy dumping). And for every head that pops up, a spiky tail appears just next to it, labeled "Guild Stash". Heads, tails, and lava puddles stow neatly out of sight when nobody is home, or when you're off doing something far from activity areas.

--Shaper Airlock Space Port Stash & Guild. Open the pod bay doors to deposit your space junk. Air and ice crystal whooshing effect when you open or close them.

--Elder Tentacle-Leaking HS Locker Stash & GUild. Store your eldritch science crafting projects in this wall unit (Oriath Wall Segment or Prison/Tower Brutal Wall Segment) into which some nondescript olivedrab-painted school lockers are mounted. Gray ooze and tentacles leach out of the sides and bottom vents of these dented eyesores. Crappy boy-band decals and varsity team icons sold separately.

--Curbside Trash Bin Stash Set. Blue for recyclables, green for dog poop and yard waste. When your stash is full, or whenever you have more than 100 remove-only tabs, a raccoon will appear and occasionally poke his snout out the top and say rude things to visitors.

--Toilet Commode & Urinal Stash/Guild Set. Perfect for your mates who pick names every league that start with "PeepeePooPoo". Toilet makes a flushing sound, urinal makes a trickling sound when in use. When your tabs are full or whenever you have more than 100 remove-only tabs, a puddle of green desecrated ground will appear around the base of the stash. And then everybody will know you are a filthy lazy hoarder. Clean that shit out, lads!
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
Watched the vid like the post said to get it and I didn't get rewarded for watching it?

False advertisement? Misleading statements? Thanks GGG.

Nice art. Bad lie.

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